Without Further Delay #NowRelease

Without further delay, NOW RELEASE is finally here! Delay is an action word. But it means the act of postponing, hindering, or causing something to occur more slowly than normal. It means to postpone an action! Have you ever felt like something was on the way, but then you didn’t see it? Have you ever felt like after waiting for a period of time, that you couldn’t wait another day? It is the feeling that comes when you KNOW that something is on its way and you are so close, that you can taste it. Moments of doubt can make you wonder if it was ever actually on the way. But then there is a time where the tides turn. The very thing that you were waiting for, finally arrives, and there is an immediate release. This is the time we have stepped into. Kairos!

Things that were hindered are finally being RELEASED. The things that seemed to be hovering above your head are being released into your hand. These are the things that you wondered about. The things that you were so sure of, but didn’t know how to get access to, are making their way to your front doorstep. Things that were lost along the way, settlements that were put on pause, financial packages, and releases of that nature are coming with ease. Missing pieces are being uncovered and there is a clearance for release. The delay has come to an end and your RELEASE is here.

PRISONS DOORS UNLOCKED | There is an emphasis on prison doors being unlocked in the release as well. It is symbolic, but for those who have felt like they were in different types of prisons or places of confinement, those doors are opening. A NOW release is taking place. The chains that were able to hold you for a long season are being loosened and NOW Freedom is being released. Even for those who have felt tied to certain situations and agreements, release is at your door. And on this side of freedom, there is room to move, grow, expand, and thrive. There is room to exhale and there is room to breathe. There is room to finally LIVE. Psychological prison doors are being opened and a new level of mental freedom is breaking forth. The prison of the mind may be the worst kind. Because it feels like you may never find the key to freedom. But this is a time where you are also being freed from the silent prison of generational patterns and habits, taking on your own new way and embracing a new healthy pattern. Mental shifts are directly tied to life shifts. Expect a MAJOR change of ease with this type of release.

NOW | We have shifted into a NOW MOMENT! Everything is NOW. It is not next month, it’s not next week, it’s NOW! There is a strong and unusual emphasis on NOW! You will feel it! There is an opening for what you are looking to do and accomplish NOW. And there will be a fire under your feet. You need to finish it NOW. You need to call NOW. It needs to be sent out NOW. You need to get ready NOW! Whatever you are stirred to do, do it NOW! There is a timing on certain things, and delay cannot be a factor this time. So, I urge you to press into the NOW! Even the DOOR opens - NOW! Whenever there is an opening, you must be prepared to walk through. So, pay attention to the areas where you feel an unusual push and get it together, NOW!!

Make up your mind to sync up to the NOW, which means “at the PRESENT time or moment.” Shake off the ‘do it later mentality.’

Call them NOW! Research it NOW! As you feel the urge, move in the NOW instruction! Because it is not tomorrow, it’s NOW!

Whether you know it or not, you are participating in 2nd Half Prep! It may be tied to your 2nd half, the start of your new season! So, the urgency is tied to a timeline of purpose. Stay on track by staying, in the NOW! Say goodbye to delay and hello to NOW!

THE TRANSFER | The TRANSFER is happening NOW! A transfer generally means that something is being released from one hand to another. And there are several different types taking place.

A title transfer is when ownership is transferred from one person to another. But some are about to experience an actual TITLE transfer. It is a play on words, but promotion is taking place. And in this, new titles are being given and new roles and responsibilities are being assumed. Elevation is evident, and there is an official changing of the guards. The torch is being passed. Keys are being released. This is a time of ceremonial promotion. Somebody is about to confidently take their seat in this NEW POSITION. The shift is from getting ready to getting situated, in this NEW SEAT, the new POSITION and in this new place of AUTHORITY. It is official. Brace yourself, a very public coronation is here.






There is a NOW wealth transfer taking place. What was held up, is set for a swift release! Again, it will go from one hand to the other. The conversion of wealth and increase is here.

The transfer of gifts are taking place as well. It is leading to an increase in gifts and skills. Creativity is on a sharp rise and witty inventions are coming out of it as well. Be open, as new profitable ideas are transferred to you.

Are you prepared for a transfer? Are you open to receiving a new title? Is there a new property with your name on it? What are you taking ownership of in the spirit realm? Unimaginable transfers are taking place.

Exchanges are also in this wave of transfers. But in an exchange, it is the act of giving or taking one thing in return for another. So with this, are you willing to sacrifice? Be encouraged that your return will EXCEED what you can think of or imagine! Divine exchanges are taking place. Move and expect them, NOW!

TO THE DREAMERS | In the release....this has been highlighted heavily:

Your DREAMS are becoming a REALITY!

This is the best part of a NOW RELEASE.

Suddenly, it starts to come together.

Suddenly, the provision shows up!

Suddenly, the logistics are worked out.

Suddenly, the blockages are removed.

Suddenly, the doors are opened.

Suddenly, the connection is made.

Suddenly, the contract is signed.

Suddenly, the vision is mobilized.

Suddenly, your dreams become a reality. What you were working towards becomes a very real thing. It’s not a hope anymore, it’s real.

There is a turning, there is a change. You are leaving one stage to settle into another phase of life and it will feel so surreal. There are some things that will happen and the best way to describe it is that you will “be in awe; completely stunned.” There is a point where some may have to pinch themselves. Once things turned, in Psalms 126:1, it says “we were like them that DREAM.”

Without further delay, your dreams are becoming your reality. There is a commanded blessing and it is to help bring this shift to your life. Get ready for this very surreal wave of manifestation to greet you in this season.

GO! | Ready, Set, Gooooo! Runnnnnnnnn! For those who feel they have the green light, get ready to run with a new ability and new strength to carry and complete beyond what you were able to do before! You are being empowered to accomplish more than you have before with a new wind to get things done. You will know if you have a green light because you will feel a push to get things down and an excitement to go with it. This fresh igniting is for the work ahead! In this season, green means GO! Take off and go full steam ahead until you reach the finish line! You WILL have the strength to FINISH this time.

For those who are still gathering, buckle down and get all of the details of what you need to GO! Don’t feel pressured to go ahead of yourself, but stay in tune and be sure to get the full release of the instructions that are needed for your next move. Rest assured, you will thank yourself later!

Without further delay, “NOW RELEASE” is here! It will be impossible to miss. And it can only get better from here!

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