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Wayne Ayers Is Changing The Scenery of Mainstream Media

22 year old Wayne Ayers is the Founder of WHERE IS THE BUZZ. He was raised by his mother Andrea Lucy Ayers. Mr. Ayers is from BREMERTON, Washington. Bremerton is a Navy city and people usually enter the Military or work in the local shipyard after high school.

"My sisters Selena and Kiki Ayers are the greatest siblings a human being can have." States Wayne. Kiki attended Howard University and Selena attended George Washington University. After high school Wayne wanted to break the same cycle as his sisters. He moved to Los Angeles a week after graduating and worked with his sister Kiki as a videographer on red carpets. He noticed there weren't any people of color represented on the red carpets. "When people of color were on red carpets they had to do group questions and they weren’t treated fairly as other outlets." Stated Wayne. We are the culture. We decide what's trending, styling and popping.

"We are the culture. We decide what’s trending, styling, and popping."

INCLINE MAGAZINE: What inspired you to step into the media industry?

WAYNE AYERS: I was inspired to create “Where is the Buzz” because I wanted to provide a news platform for young black adults to express themselves with reliable and relevant information on topics that concern them. I also wanted to create opportunities for young black adults that are into journalism to interview their favorite celebrities on red carpets or press junkets. 

INCLINE MAGAZINE: What has been your greatest accomplishment thus far and why?

WAYNE AYERS: Where is the Buzz has been featured in various prestigious publications including The Huffington Post, Ebony Magazine and Black Enterprise. It was the official news critic for STX’s “The Upside,” and recognized by Kevin Hart. This year we've had viral interviews with Sandra Bullock, Chloe Moretz, Ben Affleck, Angela Bassett. Perhaps the most viral interview was Halle Berry stopping on the Red Carpet for our reporter when directed not to by a publicist. We accomplished a lot in our short time. Every accomplishment feels just as good as the others. 

INCLINE MAGAZINE: What advice can you give to those who desire to be in the media industry and may be just starting out?

WAYNE AYERS: If you are truly passionate about pursuing a career in the media industry, then I would try to get experience in anyway possible. That can come from writing for the school newspaper, internships or if that is not effective, make your own way and make a YouTube channel or blog covering issues you're passionate about. The media industry is competitive but with the help of social media and blogging platforms, there are various ways to successfully get started in Media. Also, be fearless and truthful it might start off slow in the beginning but it will give you longevity. Don’t worry about the trending waves just focus on your content and important issues.

INCLINE MAGAZINE: Does your outlet offer anything significant to business owners?

WAYNE AYERS: Our content is made by young Black adults for young Black adults. We focus on Black business along with social issues and entertainment as they relate to younger Black entrepreneurs which we recognized as an underserved demographic. Millions visit our website and social media pages every month. 

INCLINE MAGAZINE: What can we expect to see from Where is The Buzz for the remainder of 2019?

WAYNE AYERS: We are going to keep doing ground breaking things and still touch on the eastern part of the world because we don’t get coverage from mainstream media. Expect us to keep fighting for equality in media in Hollywood. We will keep interviewing your favorite celebrities. Also, we still start filming our own content so expect a digital show to come out within the next couple of months. We are currently building an app for our supporters.


IG: @waynedayersii

IG: @whereisthebuzztv

PHOTO CAP: Kopy Kats Inc

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