V103.3 radio personality Jae Nash hosts Girl Power Uncensored Book Launch and Wine Tasting

This past weekend, V103.3 radio personality Jae Nash hosted her Girl Power Uncensored Book Launch and Wine Tasting, on SaturdayJune 13, at Local Vines in Atlanta.

A celebration of the release of Nash's new book, "Girl Power Uncensored," guests were privy to a panel, moderated by Christal Jordan, founder of Enchanted Branding & Public Relations and editor for Rolling Out, which consisted of 18 out of 23 of the book's co-authors.

"Girl Power: Uncensored" is a compilation of women's stories which serves as an expansion of her popular syndicated radio show, Girl Power Hour Radio. In the book, several women share stories of real-life struggles using language that the Federal Communications Commissions (FCC) deems unacceptable on the airwaves.

"Over a year ago, I envisioned taking Girl Power Hour, the radio platform that I built to tell women’s stories and turn it into a book," Nash said. "I knew God wanted me to heal through some pretty jacked up things that I experienced in my life. Excuse the lack of a better word, but this book is uncensored, right? 'Girl Power Uncensored' is not for the weak or judgmental. It’s merely a compilation of stories told by women FOR women in hopes that you can relate and be inspired to live your truth."

Attendees were also given the opportunity to purchase the book, fellowship with the co-authors, sample a variety of wines.

INCLINE caught up with Jae Nash, catch the convo down below

INCLINE MAGAZINE: What inspired you to write your book? 

JAE NASH: For the last seven years, I’ve built a radio platform for women to host their products, businesses, and tell their stories with Girl Power Hour Radio. Yet, after all that hard work, dedication and success I still wasn’t being honest with myself. I wasn’t living in my truth. It wasn’t something I hid or didn’t want to do. When guests would grace our platform, the interview becomes all about the guest, not me. So, I started to feel selfish saying “How could I continue interviewing women about their stories, but not tell mines”. Especially, since I could relate to some of the very struggles these women have faced. I was inspired! And that inspiration is what led me to "Girl Power: Uncensored." In addition, to the fact that we were on FCC radio formats. So we had to be filter or fines would be associated. We’re raw, flawed and uncensored in our new collaboration "Girl Power: Uncensored."

INCLINE MAGAZINE: What is the definition of Girl Code? 

JAE NASH: You know the words are always evolving just like us! However, two meaning of the words remains the same. Girl Power is respecting and supporting each other. You don’t have to like her or become her best friend. But you should want to respect your sister and support her advance in life. Supporting is as simple as saying “I know someone who has a product that fulfills the needs of whatever you have going on. I don’t use it, but I heard it does some great things”. It’s just as that simple. Respect and support takes you so far in life.

INCLINE MAGAZINE: Why do you think it can be complicated for women to live their truth? 

JAE NASH: Often times we are afraid of what others may think or say about us. Come on? We are sensitive, we try to show Strength that bonds the family or relationships together and we seem to forget we are human. We juggle so much that it’s time for us to tell our stories unfiltered, showing people why WOMEN are attached to STRENGTH in the first place.

INCLINE MAGAZINE: What can we expect to see from you within the remainder of 2019?

JAE NASH: Expect to see a more vulnerable side of Jae Nash. As I’m living unapologetically in my Queendom-Ship, showing women it’s ok to be hurt; however, It’s more important to heal so we can break generational cycles and patterns.



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For more information, please visit: https://www.girlpoweruncensored.com/

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