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Turning Businesses Into Books Via Sophisticated Press

Renetta Gunn-Stevens is the CEO of Sophisticated Press LLC, Her Organization is responsible for helping individuals create financial independence through publishing strategies for the Marketplace. She is the author of 3 books titled, Kingdom Speaking In The Boardroom, A Dad’s Redemption (a love story), and 10 Ways to Eliminate Debt by Writing.

She lives in Northern Illinois with her husband, children, and her family. Renetta loves wearing a different pair of eye glasses every day. Sophisticated Press latest pre-order release, PUSH: Promote Until Shipping and Handling is specifically for Authors and Entrepreneurs.

In 2019 Renetta Gunn-Stevens founded Sophisticated Press Author Academy. This online University presents self-taught courses to writers to assist them in their publishing journey. She is also a Competent Communicator and Leader of Toastmasters International.

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