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Trailblazing Author Shay Mayo

Trailblazing Author Shay Mayo creates all the must reads on the topics of romance and love. She left her profession of being an event planner and a club promoter for her passion which is writing to reel in your sensual imaginations. Taking you on wild rides from family drama to broken trust in lustful relationships that should've never transpired from the start. Shay Mayo desires her voice to be heard by creating mysteries behind unrighteous romance and love in the lives of mates that unfolds clearly within her storytelling via Chronicles of a Black Heart. 

Her passion for writing in the romance arena is birthed from her relationship experiences which allows Shay to give her significant knowledge in the niche.  

Chronicles of a Black Heart is based on fictional beings desiring to belong to each other and others at the same time. Being attached by a spiral of hopeful romances leads lovers to unfulfilled desires. 

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