There’s a Great Awakening Taking Place in July!

In July, we are being awakened and becoming more aware, in every sense of the word. To be aware means having knowledge or perception of a situation or fact. It’s to be awake, mindful, alive. Can you imagine being asleep, and then being shaken to a sudden awakened state?! That’s what July is bringing. There’s great awakening taking place and it’s bringing energetic revival to hearts, minds, and purpose as well. Revelation is here. Eyes are truly opening up and things are coming alive once again!

IDENTITY | You are about to wake up to become who you were always meant to be. This energetic shaking is waking you up to your rightful IDENTITY. You are waking up to a better understanding of why you can’t be anyone else, but you. Even in the depths of your personality and certain assignments, there is going to be much clarity on “the what and the whys” of what you are called to specifically do.

You are waking up to operate in a new grace of originality with confidence and influence. No longer will you doubt the pieces, but you will accept all of who you are and walk with sure steps. In this shift, you will inspire others to do the same, now and also over time. Your identity is being stamped and this time, you will run with it without fail! Even those areas of trauma and rejection that threw you off course are being visited and beautifully mended.

You are about to embrace every part of you and you will celebrate what others couldn’t understand. Self-love is making an appearance in this celebration, of you - doing you! Yessssssssss, let the celebration begin!

GIFTS & REWARDS | Gifts are waking UP completely! July is stirring up gifts and spiritual gifts are being awakened and filled to the point of awe. Even for the seers, your eyes are opening up even more. It is unmistakable expansion. “I didn’t know I had that in me” and similar thoughts will echo as the fillings drop like rain! There is going to be an overwhelming weight of glory dropping but it will be such an enjoyable experience. It’s the release of overflow and consumption! Even things that you’ve desired, like consistency and diligence, are increasing in measure. It’s a time of release and tangible gifts and rewards are being passed out as well. Not small, and not common, but special gifts are being released!

THE PUSH | As summer winds of change continue to blow, there is going to be such a push for launches and preparations to launch out again in a big way. But with much more excitement and readiness than before. It won’t feel like work, but it will feel very necessary. Heaven is backing you and you will have everything that you need down to the detail. Every person will be in place, and all resources are being blown right in. This is the push for a next level launch out so let your mindset be “go big, or go home” and nothing in between. Continue to flow with the push to your next level. Don’t worry about what or how you did it before, look forward to the new way and get ready to be propelled into a new place!

As the explosive and weighty month of July makes way, stay in a place of expectation and look FORWARD to the New Things and even the New You that is being awakened and celebrated! Be ready for miracles and the unexpected because this month is always full of surprises!

This column was written by Ginika Oparaji of Spotted Sweets & Treats