The Bomb Life Living Spree With Claire Sulmers

Upon entering New York, it was definitely a hassle getting into The Big Apple. Besides the beautiful buildings, billboards that INCLINE will soon be featured on and cheerful people.... No one from New York knew anything about directions to our destination. How sway? It was so draining that by the time we arrived to the hotel at 4:30AM, (we landed at 11:30PM) we immediately crashed. SIDE BAR... Shout out to Celebrity Chef Brent! He prepared two ah-mazing cold pasta salads accompanying our shoot. (1. Cavatappi Pasta with chicken, broccoli and pesto aoli 2. Bow-Tie Pasta with shrimp and chicken, spinach, harissa and grapefruit dressing) Chef Brent traveled AN HOUR to drop off our meal at 1AM to make sure we had the best experience while in Manhattan. Delicious is too small of a word to describe the meals he provided for us. Everyone who indulged continuously raved about how good it was. The front desk receptionist even asked for a plate to take home. (Yes he was full of melanin.) You know our pigments of people always request a to go plate.

The Royalton New York showed our team five star service and blessed us to accomplish every goal we had without an issue. Thanks guys! The chill vibes that Royalton put off on us from the fixtures, furniture and lighting was the perfect place to fulfill the captures. To start the shoot off we had our 14 year old MUA Angelique Rosario beat the graceful Claire Sulmers. Her hair was styled by Myre which was bomb and Claire's clothing was provided by Petronella Luxe, shot by Buck Sanchez. Something like a team of go-getters in their own lane, doing their own thing to the best of their ability.

Claire Sulmers is a woman that is precisely about her business. The savvy leader is always setting the bar high in her field, which is why Fashion Bomb Daily is the go to for all things fashion! Claire built Fashion Bomb Daily off the no's and rejection from other entrances to opportunities that she desired. During her previous grinding at other outlets she was hungry to create the life she wanted to live so she swiftly moved to Paris with a goal of working at Paris Vogue. Her humble abode had a ceiling in the restroom that was caving in, while at that time she was sleeping on top of a tub. Talk about being focused and unshaken to make something big happen!

"Why not create my own seat at the table?" thought Claire.

Fashion Bomb Daily is the #1 multicultural Fashion Magazine online. How cool is that! Not only does Claire run Fashion Bomb Daily but she also branches off into Fashion Bomb Kids, Fashion Bomb Hair and Fashion Bomb Men. While visiting you'll receive the most fulfilling reads about whats popping on a daily basis in the high fashion industry, influencer reads and shop from various designers via Claire is also the curator of Convos With Claire.

"Conversations With Claire is about finding your space in the fashion industry and claiming your seat at the table. This exclusive event is informative and inspirational. Conversations with Claire is a chance for people to learn and be empowered while networking with fabulous guests, including successful stylists, designers, photographers, and celebrities."

Grab your tickets to attend in Atlanta on June 15-16

Ms. Sulmers is a creative mastermind helping inclining designers of men & women seeking to be in the fashion industry step foot into their designer dreams. Claire Sulmers has shown us how it is to be booked, busy & diverse. Not only does she go above and beyond for her magazine and most wanted to attend events, she is also the author of The Bomb Life.

ABOUT THE BOMB LIFE: Claire tells us what she had to do to get to the top, and offers aspiring bloggers and digital influencers tips on how to monetize their sites, build an audience, and ultimately live the Bomb Life.

We had an exclusive interview with the Bomb Boss herself, get the full read down below:

INCLINE MAGAZINE: You have a powerhouse of an outlet, how did you go about building your team?

CLAIRE SULMERS: I think building any team is about trial and error. It's just about starting where you are with what you have. We've had so many interns, some have been with us for many years and some left after a few weeks. Its about continuing to give people opportunities while being open minded. You have to divorce yourself in the idea that everything will be 100% perfect and will go 100% how you want it to. Feel and Figure it out until you find the perfect match.

INCLINE MAGAZINE: Why do you think the media industry is predominantly white?

CLAIRE SULMERS: The media industry for a long time was one that required a lot of resources, financial resources. Due to our history in this country, we just haven't had access to the same resources as everyone else. The beautiful thing is, now we have the digital era where anybody can start a magazine, anybody can have a website, anybody can be on Instagram. But there are still barriers to entry for us. We had to deal with licensing photos which is extremely expensive and litigation and all sorts of things. It's still kind of a money game and a numbers game. I think that's it, it's just always been a leadest when you start off in the media industry your suppose to do unpaid internships or poorly paid internships which is hard for a lot of people to do to have to work and actually make a living. It is how it is but I do remain hopeful that the online landscape along with digital media and social media we can have our voice heard and respected.

"For me The Bomb Life is about whatever you want out of life, you can have it. There is literally no reason why you can't have it. The limits are only in your mind. It's about continuing to expand, setting goals, meeting them and getting new goals."

INCLINE MAGAZINE: How was it that when you slept on the tub you kept your focus?

CLAIRE SULMERS: When I was sleeping on a tub I was also interning at Paris Vogue. It was like this tremendous high with this tremendous low. Also when I was on the tub I was going to Chanel Shows and YSL Shows. I think because I had accomplished a big goal of mine which was moving to Paris with not knowing anybody at all and managing to get an internship with Paris Vogue, it seemed almost impossible. I felt like I was on the right path even though I wasn't in the best situation. I received so many great opportunities from working at Paris Vogue. I went to all of the Couture Shows, I was in Paris for Men's Fashion Week and I just felt really fulfilled and happy. Whatever you're going through focus on the positive with what's going on in your life, always practice gratitude. That's something that I really have reeled into my mind. Definitely this year. Listening to affirmations and realizing how blessed you are. You're blessed to wake up everyday, have good health, have parents who are alive. I felt like since I made a breakthrough in my career the tub wasn't so bad. Actually right after the tub I ended up living in one of the nicest places I've ever lived in my life. Everything ended up working out. I think through that situation and the situation we dealt with last year with our Instagram, it just shows me that your career will have highs and lows and it's about how you stay mentally strong and focused and calm even in the midst of the storm. There is gold at the end of the rainbow and there is sunshine after the storm.

INCLINE MAGAZINE: What is New York Fashion Week like for you then and now, what is the difference now that you've made the significant relationships?

CLAIRE SULMERS: The first time I went to NYFW I was crashing shows, I didn't have any invitations. I had maybe one invitation and I would stay there and try to make friends and meet people. I remember dying wanting to go to Fashion Week and thinking "I can't believe I cant go" and asking friends and colleagues and people telling me no. Now its like I get invited to so many shows that I don't even want to go anymore. I just send people to go, it's different. Also Fashion Week has changed. The meaning of it. In the past you had to go to the show in order to see what was happening. Now you don't have to go to the show in order to see what's happening. It's also kind of like, why am I going? Do I need to go? In the past I didn't have to dress up because no one knew who I was and now it's this whole hair and make up, outfit situation. Anybody who loves fashion will enjoy going to Fashion Week.

INCLINE MAGAZINE: Have you ever thought about doing fashion Bomb Daily live, like a Television Show?

CLAIRE SULMERS: Yea for sure. I know we have our live feed and I've seen other big websites do lives kind of off the cuff but for me I'm very much about the image and making sure that everything that we present is professional and top of the line and well produced. I do lives on my @clairesulmers page but I think for Fashion Bomb Daily we're going to have a whole production team and we are looking to move to LA and really dive into the whole entertainment world. Its on the horizon.

INCLINE MAGAZINE: What can we expect to see from you within the remainder of 2019?

CLAIRE SULMERS: We are moving to LA. We are going into TV, I'm working on the second book. We are expanding eCommerce. We are going to do an award show. We are going to do a fashion show eventually. I don't know if its going to be this year. We are going to continue to expand our photo shoots and editorials. We are just going to continue to bring you guys The Bomb Life!

"The Bomb Life is living your life on your terms and doing what you want to do as long as you can make sure that your bills are paid and make sure that you are happy. I think its about Freedom."


"I created the life of my dreams. It wasn't easy. It took a lot of sacrifice. It took a lot of days where I don't shop or I'm sleeping on a tub. Or I'm stealing an egg from my roommate so that I can put it on top of my Roman Noodles. I've been there and done that. At the end of the day just through sheer ambition, confidence, hard work and prayer and faith and all those things... I was able to break through. I think a lot of people are scared, they get scared of the unknown. They are scared of not being able to be comfortable all the time. You do have to go through those times where you are a little bit uncomfortable in order to get comfortable."

Edited by Ginika Oparaji @gigi_nyc

MUA Angelique Rosario @makeup_byangie_

Lashes provided by Kahmir Collections @kahmirhc

Hairstylist Myreionne Caroline @hairbymyre

Cover Clothing provided by @petronellaluxe

Photography by Buck Sanchez @_buck3point0

Editor In Chief Lynn Williams @lynnwilliams_