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Take Your Business To The Next Level With Royal Hustler Company

Renée Mickens aka Royal is the CEO of her company called, “Royal Hustler Company.” Royal Hustler Company is an entertainment proprietor providing you with all the tools to get to the top. The driving force behind Royal Hustler Promotions passion is Hip Hop/R&B and the love for the underground up coming music artist and the raw art-form of battle rap. Royal Hustler Company can be found on Instagram @royalhustlerpromotions.

Royal Hustler Company was featured in the hit YouTube web series, “Rodent, The Urban Soap Opera” episode 2. Royal has been featured in Grinderzzz Magazine, SapphirEmerald Magazine and Respect My Royalty Blog by Lady Nicole.

Picture shot by: Stacey R. Muir Lespinasse

Royal is a Published Curvy/plus size model and was part of the NYC Sexy Curvy Divas under the tutelage of visionary Levy Paul. 

Dress By Flavors of Fullness

Royal currently serves as a licensed Senior Client Service Manager for an international insurance brokerage firm, a field she has been in for the past 25 years. Royal is a mom and enjoys watching movies with her children, relaxing, traveling, reading books.

Shot by: @kinspinphotography- outfit made by A Black Man's Stitch aka ABMS Hair by @Kcoey85 Kcoey Nicole Simmons

Royal Hustler Company is a full service Marketing, Branding, Public Relations, Event Planning and Advertising Agency for Artists and entrepreneurs of all genres. RHC specializes in curating buzz-worthy brand recognition for their clients! With RHC proven track record of creating winning strategies for their clients, RHC prides themselves on being hands on and being there every step of the way, serving as a partner in each of their clients' successes. Contact RHC for your consultation today!

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