Savory Meals That Are Meatless Via I Can't Believe It's Not Meat!

Midori Star Media Group is pleased to announce its newest Lifestyle client, "Can't Believe It's Not Meat" to their growing roster. The Chicago Hyde Park Vegan food phenomenon is the talk of the country when it comes to their unmatched customer service, unique menu selections, and delicious food.

Owner, Laricia Chandler's popular eatery has recently added new menu items to appeal to both meat and plant-based eaters. The menu includes a tasty, creative twist on the iconic Philly Cheesesteak made with "beef-less" protein, a drizzled "Who Betta" Double Vegan/Dairy Cheese Burger, and vegan smoothies and shakes with flavors like "the Cookie Monster," made with America's favorite cookies, Oreos.

With holistic methods and an overall healthier lifestyle continually being advertised on mass media; more and more individuals and families are converting over to Vegan.

The vegan lifestyle is appealing because of its fruitful results, advancement in a better lifestyle mentally, physically, and spiritually.

"Our main priority is to continue to introduce a variety of savory meals that are meatless, yet full of flavor," states CBINM Owner Laricia Chandler. 

CBINM isn't creating a healthier lifestyle for Chicago only, CBINM has made headlines and praised as one of the most visited Chicago's must-see eateries.

Health conscience food brands such as CBINM make it easy when it comes to making the transition. With just one bite, you will become a true believer of the "Can't Believe It's Not Meat "phenomenon.

Convert over to Vegan by 2020! See how HERE.