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Returning for it's 4th production... The Night Michael Jackson Died is the story of....

The Night Michael Jackson Died is the story of a chance encounter by complete strangers in a club in Little Havana, Miami on June 25, 2009, after MJ’s last curtain call. Written by Award-Winning Playwright and Co-Founder of We Act Radio, Kymone Freeman, The Night Michael Jackson Died demonstrates the contrast between the United States and Cuban relations as an ocean of divide is narrowed by a dance floor and the eccentric legacy of MJ. Equally thought-provoking and relevant, The Night Michael Jackson Died blurs the lines between Black and White, young and old, rich and poor along with right and wrong. With five actors and a DJ, this incredible stage reading will be brought to life taking us back to the good times followed by a MJ Dance Party on the roof of the Eaton on the eve of MJ's Bday. #NiteMJDied

"He was the biggest artist in the history of the entire world and probably one of the biggest philanthropists too. What he did for the world and what he did to himself... someone should study his bones." - #NiteMJDied

"Great show... though provoking dialouge with the perfect balance of humor and MJ Music."

-WPFW 89.3FM

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