Reset to CATAPULT in April


Whether you know it or not, a divine reset is taking place. In the midst of the chaos, it may not look like it, but it’s happening right before your eyes. 

A reset means to “set AGAIN or DIFFERENTLY.” 

It’s a....January 1st, let’s start over, and do it again type of reset. 

It’s a...let’s come back in the morning and give it all we can - reset. 

It’s a...stop and gather ALL of the instructions - reset. 

It is the type of reset that you can’t avoid because you can’t miss a step. You can’t leave anything out because each piece is important. You also have to pay attention to the instructor while He is speaking because He is adding NEW instructions in the RESET. 

So now is the time, to reconnect fully, in the reset. 

TIME IS RESET |  Imagine a clock that was suddenly unplugged.  When it is reconnected to the POWER source, it automatically RESETS the time...and it goes back to the very beginning.  In this reset, we have the ability to start over, reset, and experience a much needed, New Beginning.  We get to shift into a brand new cycle. We get to prepare for greater success, greater doors, and an entirely new life experience as we know it. 

Time is being reset so that we can experience a MAJOR realignment. This New Alignment is taking place and if you STAY THE COURSE, it will bring you into a NEW PLACE beyond what you thought you were capable of having, experiencing, and accomplishing. Even for some, so quickly!  There is a major highlight on TIME. There is a new track with this alignment. This is not the time, to waste time! This is not the time to lose focus. As we stay connected to God, the POWER source, there is a divine sync taking place. 

INSTRUCTIONS |  This is the sync of clear instruction and the ability to carry them out at the right TIME.  In the sync, you will receive instructions so clear, that a child could understand and carry it out. He doesn't want you to miss it. So, step by step instructions are here for the next phase and the next move and the new climate ahead.  There is clear transmission to hear.  Obey what you hear, even the new unfamiliar instructions. Some are going to receive wild instructions for the future, and it will be exact and precise. Don't doubt, PREPARE for what you heard.  Don't doubt, MOVE on what you saw.  The harvest will be all the evidence that you need. 

It's crucial for you to move because as Dwayne McCarty says, "whenever God sets TIME, He sets ORDER."  There is an order of precise steps that must take place from beginning to end because...the reset is for the CATAPULT. 

THE CATAPULT |  Your labor will not be in vein. The quiet time will not be in vein. The planning will not be in vein. Your press to remain focused will not be in vein. The re-strategizing will not be in vein.  The reset and revisit is for the CATAPULT.  A catapult is an actual "device that is used for launching."  In motion, it means "to hurl or LAUNCH (something) in a specified direction with or as if with a catapult."

There is about to be such a LAUNCHING in this hour that's going to be beyond what you could have imagined.  Some will come from the hidden places, and the launch will establish them for years to come. Years to come.  What you do and how you PREPARE in this space now, can have an extraordinary impact, for years to come....financially, professionally, in so many different areas.  We are in a kairos moment, an opportune time, for many to be catapulted full speed into destiny.  Set your focus on the vision, the plan, the business, the new business, the ideas on the shelf, the new idea you just received, the new project, revisiting the project, revisiting the idea, and FINISH. Whatever you are stirred to do, get focused and DO IT!

This is why there is an emphasis on TIME and making precise moves that mirror heaven's instruction.  This isn't the rehearsal, or another false start, this is it!  This is the GRAND DOOR. And as it opens, you will be READY and it will feel like a perfect setup. 

Tune out the noise. Get still for a moment. Gather all that you need to and take your seat in the catapult. Because at the appointed time, heaven is going to LAUNCH YOU OUT! 

In the midst of a global crisis, you can stay aware and in sync at the same time. And in this moment, you are being reset, for the CATAPULT! 

Capture: SpaceX, Falcon 9 Launch at Kennedy Space Center

This column was written by: Ginika Oparaji of Spotted Sweets and Treats