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Prophetic Poem: The Season of RE! - Joshua De Sousa

The Season Of RE- a Prophetic Poem by Joshua A. De Sousa

The season of RE is here!

It reaches far and touches near!

Everything in the front of your mind and the rear,

The Lord shall make it all crystal clear!

The season of RE is here!

God‘s glory breaks open the atmosphere!

Eradicated is all of your shame and fear,

As the glory of the Lord draws you near!

This is your season of REFRESHING!

Rivers and oceans of breakthrough and blessing!

Frustration ceases and famine is ending,

As His wind blows us into favor, victory, and weddings!

There is RESTORATION of everything stolen from hell!

Tangible testimonies like elementary show and tell!

Restoration of mind, restoration of health!

Restoration of time, restoration of wealth!

REVIVAL breaks forth with violent waves and wind!

The oxygen of heaven, inhale this impartation and be healed within!

Every broken place, His hand shall mend!

Jesus already won, so you will always win!

You passed the test and shall receive a REWARD!

The King of Kings crowns you and knights thee with a sword!

Behold, cladded in gold, gifts that repay and restore!

This is the kairos season you prayed and waited for!

REPENTANCE is available for every wanderer afar!

It is not a punishment, rather ABBA calling you to raise the bar!

Cry out into Him, and He will deliver you from the tormenting tar!

Receive forgiveness for your soul and healing for your heart!

Walk into the RESURRECTION power that raised Jesus from the dead!

His DNA runs through you, you are clothed in a robe of red!

Every spirit and legion binding you had fled!

For the Lord is your glory, the Lifter of your head!

RECOMPENSE belongs to you, your harvest shall be displayed!

You endured like a soldier, you survived the delay!

You won’t just be blessed in heaven, but here in your earthly day!

I AM is your portion, and He will always make a way!

- Joshua A. De Sousa

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This column was written by: Joshua DeSousa

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