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Never Been Seen Before November

Many believe and say that there is nothing new under the sun. But this is a time where we will experience, what has never been. Eyes haven’t seen and ears haven’t heard. It’s so new, it’s...

Never been seen before.

Never been heard of.

Never been done before.

That kinda new! They won’t be able to see you coming, because you are launching into something that you’ve never even done before! They won’t be able to block, what they didn’t see coming. They won’t be able to speak against, what they had no idea was on the horizon! You are about to BOLDLY WALK into this new space and place without any of the usual hindrances. Not even fear or doubt can stop this train. This has never been done before. People come against what they easily predict, but this time, it won’t even be possible. Your contenders will be on permanent pause as you launch into your NEXT! While you are launching out, they will be scratching their heads trying to figure out how they didn’t see this coming. (Even though it was already in the making). Let excitement meet you in this hour! There is something so big on the horizon for you and it’s brand new!

Sea of GREEN| There is also a new flow.  I know that rivers are blue, but if you can, imagine something you’ve never seen; a sea of green. There is a strong green river and it’s filled with what you need. It has a current that is so strong that it can’t be held back anymore. It’s a release of finances on a new level. It’s the release for visions to be completely funded. It’s a release of resources beyond what you’re asking. It’s a heavier flow of finances. It’s heavy because of what it is being sent to do. It’s the beginning of a floodgate. It’s the beginning of a new flow. It’s never been done before but it’s finally taking place. A river has an ability to take you from one place to another. This river of finances is going to literally shift some people from one position, to an entirely new position in the most seamless way. There is a river of finances that is about to hit in a major way! 

In this river, funding and deals are behind highlighted. There are deals that are being closed. Deals that have never been done before are taking place. They haven’t been done with this language, in this style, and in this manner. Contracts are sure. Creative financing is opening up and it will be tailor made for your situation. Investors are going to have an ear to hear. They will be in the right place, at the right time. It’s your job to be ready for the opportunities. Opportunities for major investments are here. Prepared visions are being funded easily. Are you prepared? What else do you need to do? What else do you need to review?  Get it done. Preparation is getting ready to meet opportunity. So..

Be ready for the opportunity. 

Be ready for the opportunity. 

Be ready for the opportunity. 

Faith without works is dead. So this is a time where your works need to line up in major way! Let this word quicken you, and move on it!  The doors are WIDE OPEN. 

IMMEDIATE| This push is for your MIND. Don’t think of what was. Things are now changing and moving at a faster rate. You have to catch this wave. Immediate means done at once; instantly; WITHOUT any intervening time or space.  Don’t expect things to be drawn out and take excess time. For some things, the lengthy process to get here has already happened and now it’s time for the end RESULT. It’s time to see the end of a thing. Now it’s time to see what it was all for. So now, things are happening quickly, immediately; without any intervening time or space. This is a time of quick changes, quick decisions, quick shifts. It’s happening immediately! It’s happening suddenly! And it’s without fail. 

#BIG| Significant moves and changes are also taking place. Big moves and big changes are unfolding for your betterment. Don’t be afraid of change, this time - embrace it. Some have waited long, and they’ve waited well for this change. Some moves are actual physical moves and they will represent the actual move taking place in your life. The transition is causing major alignment during this season of shifting and it’s giving birth to much needed change. 

Change, we welcome you!  Settle here.

This column and graphic was designed & written by

Ginika Oparaji of Spotted Sweets & Treats

Photo: Green River, 1998: Olafur Eliassson 

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