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Music + Modeling + Entertainment With Dess Dior

Dess Dior is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for music, modeling, and entertainment. Dess Dior started her music career at the early age of 13, during that time she started a rap group with her friends. Being that Dess Dior grew up around music all her life it was in her blood to continue with her music career. Dess Dior is currently working on her fan base getting to know her through her music & watching her grow as an artist. While Dess Dior is not working on her brand she reminds her fans and followers that she is an influencer while selling her weight gaining product Healthy Gains. Be on the lookout for Dess Dior seminars where she will be more intimate with fans while pushing her music. You can find her on all musical platforms.

Press play to jam "Bandz" by: Dess Dior


INCLINE MAGAZINE: What inspires you to be an entrepreneur?

DESS DIOR: My desires in life inspires me to be a entrepreneur. 

INCLINE MAGAZINE: Tell us about Healthy Gains and how it works.

DESS DIOR: Healthy gains is a product that helps women who would like to gain more weight. It’s a protein pill that makes your food stick after every meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner) & a multi vitamin supplement that helps your immune system. 

INCLINE MAGAZINE: What can we expect to see from you within 2020? Even through the virus, any innovative events you are producing? 

DESS DIOR: You can expect to see a lot from me in 2020 such as more music, creative content, I’ll be exploring more of talents & linking with other female artist! 

INCLINE MAGAZINE: What motto do you live by and why?

DESS DIOR: “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade” because you have to learn how to make the best of any situation life throws at you. 

INCLINE MAGAZINE: What advice would you give to someone trying to pursue a career in the entertainment field?

DESS DIOR: My Advice to a aspiring entertainer would be figure out what makes you different from the rest, stay focused &  never stop working even when you feel like you’ve accomplished everything.

Press play to jam this exclusive hit by Dess Dior



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shots by @chadlawsonphotos

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