Mind-BLOWing March

Mind BLOWING March is here and it is coming with a wave of surprises and refreshing releases. It will be a heavy combination of the two and some will literally catch you off guard and blow your mind! If ever there was a time, stay in great expectation. Special packages are being delivered.

March is going to be incredibly full and bubbling over with rewards and divine appointments. Some appointments are simply worth it, no matter how long the wait. Heaven is releasing things that were held up and NOW the full release is here. NOW the change is here. NOW you can go forward and begin to run again. NOW you can run without stopping. NOW you can keep the momentum. NOW releases are making their way to you.  Some releases are also going to create opportunities for you to be a blessing to others. Some are even being released from the constricted place, into a new fun flow of freedom and advancement.  NOW releases are here to encourage you into a new season of flow that is uninterrupted.

OVERFLOW |  Not only is the release here for those who have waited well, but it’s going to be more than what you expected. There are going to be releases in the realm called OVERFLOW.  Don’t expect your cup to be filled, expect the OVERFLOW.  Expect your barns to be filled with PLENTY. As in more than enough, more than what you asked for, and more than what you felt qualified to receive.

REACH + ACCOMPLISH  | There is also going to be a grace for a new reach and a further reach. You will find that you are able to actually reach and accomplish what you are desiring to do, plus MORE. Despite what hasn’t worked or what hasn’t quite reached the place that you desired, you will feel a nudging and a push to reach AGAIN. And this time, you will be able to accomplish what you set out to do.


Revisit it AGAIN.


Reach out AGAIN.

Reach AGAIN, and watch what you are able to accomplish, THIS TIME.

There is a grace, a divine ability, to reach and accomplish. I dare you to DO IT AGAIN!!! This time, it will yield a different result that will blow your mind!

Run into March with excitement and expect the best of the best. Don’t settle and stay in that place of excitement for what’s to come.

This column was written by Ginika Oparaji of Spotted Sweets & Treats