Kira DeMorales Goes From Break-dancing to Boxing

Kira DeMorales grew up in Hawaii and graduated from Waiakea Highschool and graduated in 2008. She was an elite athlete in basketball and softball and obtained scholarships for both sports. Kira decided to experience life in the states on one of her scholarships. She left Hawaii in 2008 on a full ride scholarship to Colorado for softball & basketball. The summer of 2008 she went home for summer break and her little brother Kieran Rosas and father Albert Rosas had gotten into boxing and her dad told her that she should fight.

Kira trained for 2 weeks and had fought at 160 and won with a 1st round KO. The winter break after that she went home and fought a kick boxing match and realized she was a fighter and was born to fight. Kira was not allowed to fight or do any other sports due to her being under contract during the semesters in college so she was only able to fight during breaks. In the summer of 2012 Kira joined her fathers boxing team on a trip to Kansas City, Missouri and won her first belt at ringside championship, she had fought two tough fights and took the belt away from the current champion who held the belt for two years running.

As she returned to the states for school she played both sports throughout college and in 2014 walked the line at Dominguez Hills, California and decided to stay in California and pursue her boxing career. Kira won the titles of California golden gloves, Desert showdown, etc. She holds 4 belts and had decided to turn pro. Kira has been given many nicknames but Kira “The Boxer” DeMorales is what she;s called now due to her defensive skills and offense.

Kira feels like she's dancing in the ring when she fights, it's like she's back in high school break-dancing again. Kira loves the feeling of the contact sport and being able to show her skills in front of crowds. Kira was made for this, she's built for this and will succeed in boxing. Kira has a passion for the sport and it will never die.

“Life is measured not by what you have, but by what you do with what you have!”

-Francis DeMorales