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Kenny Troy is Giving Indie Artists a Chance to be Heard by Way of Indie Music Network

Kenny Troy has been in the music industry for twenty-one years. He started his career as a local Dee-jay in Philadelphia while attending Temple University. At Temple, he studied music and graphic design to become a producer. Two years after finishing Temple, he moved to Cleveland, Ohio where he met Y’Akee Burns. He and Burns collaborated together to form YB Records in 2001. YB Records then became YB Entertainment LLC in 2003, where he became A&R for the company. YB Entertainment worked & released several projects from Independent artists in the genres of R&B, Jazz & Gospel ranging from Solo Projects, Music Groups & Compilations.

In 2006, YB Entertainment LLC restructured the company from a record label to a multi-media company and started entities such as Blazinhotradio Podcast in 2007 and Podcast Blast Magazine in 2010, which will later become Podtalk Magazine. Both entities are dedicated to promoting & educating emerging artists in film & music and introducing new resources & strategies to help the advancement of their careers. In 2010, he moved to Greensboro, North Carolina and formed Troytown Entertainment, LLC is a multi-media company that has several entities & affiliates, which works as a contributing partner to YB Entertainment LLC. Troytown Entetainment LLC is the parent company of The Indie Music Network, Troytown Productions, & newly formed Troy Music Group.

He later expanded the company to form the Indie Music Network in, a division of Troytown Entertainment LLC in 2012. The Indie Music Network is gradually becoming one of the top internet radio stations in the world. It has increased it’s listenership to a global audience & continues to be a major platform for emerging artists. The Indie Music Network plays R&B, Jazz, & Gospel & currently has approximately 20 programs to it’s station which airs 5 days a week on afternoons & evenings. Recently, several of the Jazz programs on the The Indie Music Network was also nominated in the Top 100 programs in the U.S. according to a poll on The Indie Music Network was also nominated for the Prayze Factor Awards in 2015 for Internet Radio Station of the year & The Rhythm of Gospel Image Awards for Best New Gospel Program in 2016 . Also the Indie Music Network has been featured on Souletter Magazine in 2014, Incline Magazine 2017, & The Rhythmic Lounge Magazine in 2017 & 2018.

The latter of half of 2018, his company Troytown Entertainment LLC created So Jazzy Radio a 24/7 all jazz internet radio station in a partnership with NDI Enterprises, Inc. which is set to launch in 2019. Along with those things there are future plans for a school of arts & becoming a media affiliate in the next few years.


FACEBOOK: troytownentertainment

TWITTER: indiemusnetwrk


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