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It Is Finished In December

IT. IS. FINISHED. #theGrandfinale

This month, there will be a strong emphasis on THE FINISHER. It’s time to FINISH. By definition, it is “the last part of a process or action.” Ask yourself and evaluate for a minute. What do you need to finish? What has been left undone? What have you been putting off? What needs to be planned out for next year? What have you been holding off? What did you start and stop? What are you afraid to finish? Don’t miss that moment of reflection. Because the strong and rapid winds of the finisher are ready to blow you into position! They are going to assist you heavily and you are going to FINISH IT. Even though you’ve been able to put things off, the burden to finish is going to weigh heavily upon you. Important notes and instructions are coming back around quickly! Capture it and make note. Certain things can’t wait until January, and truthfully January would be considered past due. There are some things that must be marked DONE before the end of the year. The delay that was in the way is being moved out of the way, and you are going to FINISH. What seemed like the “the usual distraction” will not have the same hold on you and there will be a FOCUS to FINISH. Stay in that vein!

RE-ALIGN | Divine alignment concerning resources, priorities, and projects will be taking place. This realignment is bringing you into the perfect will and severing the permissive. And it’s very necessary. They are being highlighted to help prepare you for the shift into 2020 as well. No more wasted time, this period marks the end of an era and every moment counts! December is not only the final month of the year, but it officially marks the Final Chapter. It represents a close, an ending, a final conclusion. In this month, there will also be several matters that will be concluded and finally brought to a close. Answers will finally be issued. Settlements will be handled, releases will be made, and even decisions that have been held up, will finally be released.

‘PROCESS makes perfect’ | Many who have been frustrated and discouraged by longstanding processes will be soooo encouraged to know that we are truly in the last part. This month will serve as solid proof that it has finally come to an END. After the wait, is the release. After being tried in the fire, you truly do come out as GOLD. And the glory that will rest on you, will be well worth it! You won’t just have a story to tell, but you will come out with the evidence of fruit, a new layer of maturity, and reaping GREAT reward! Don’t confuse it, everything happened exactly the way it was supposed to. Let this be your confirmation. But even more than that, be open to the final conclusion of the matter! As this year and decade comes to a close, expect a GRAND FINALE! Suddenly surprises, breakthroughs, MIRACLE moments, and good news are going to fill this month and increase in the latter part of the month.

As we close out this year, set your expectations on high to FINISH STRONG and to FINISH WELL!  It’s not the struggle lap, it’s the FINAL STRETCH. Change your mind. Believe that you will FINISH WELL! Never mind what was, but, reset to a new momentum in this final stretch and take off with it all month long!

Ready - Set - RUN! Run with the planning, run with the preparation, run with the vision, run with the launch, run with focus, run with faith, run with dunamis, run with conviction! Whatever you do, RUN with it!!! Don’t let up until you FINISH what you set your MIND to do! 


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This column and graphic was designed & written by

Ginika Oparaji of Spotted Sweets & Treats

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