Inclining Artist Shay Samuels Impacting The World One Song At A Time

BeyondaFence Ent, Co-CEO, Shay Samuels is a multi-award winning and nominated Inpirational Recording Artist. Her music is shared around the globe and has touched all generations and cultures. Shay's unique ability to create songs that not only touches adults, but children alike, has earned her a spot on multiple platforms. Shay is no stranger to the music industry! She grew up traveling with her family's Quartet group ministering the gospel.

Now, Shay has released multiple singles and her most awaited freshman EP "I Choose to Worship". This EP has taken the music world by storm with songs such as "I Choose to Worship, and "I'm Good" feat. David Benton, making it's debut. Each song allows the listeners ear to capture the fullness of life! What does that mean? You'll have to hear the EP for yourself. Shay's music has made multiple debuts on the BillBoard terrestrial charting, and internet panel. With her song entitled "Seasons (Ecclesiastes 3), holding a spot in the top 10 for multiple weeks.

Shay is also a phenomenal Motivational Speaker. You can catch her episodes of her Monday Motivational segments on radio stations around the world. Shay's ability to take our practical day to day challenges, and turn them into biblical stories, makes her motivational moments stand out!

INCLINE MAGAZINE: How did you get into the music industry?

SHAY: I started singing professionally at the age of 19, for an old school R&B band. We used to travel the Tri-State area of Philadelphia, doing concerts and other events. It was when I relocated to Georgia that I transitioned the scope of my music. In 2014, I decided to take a leap of Faith into the Inspirational/Gospel Community. I released my first demo entitled “Bread of Life”, that immediately found a home on a local station in San Antonio, Texas. After that, my career seemed to take off.

INCLINE MAGAZINE: What happened in life that made you have an attitude of gratitude referring to your song “IM GOOD”?

SHAY: “I’m Good” is a “universal” language for anyone that is from “up north”. Where I’m from, no matter what the issue or question was, you always responded “I’m Good”! When creating this Single, I thought about the people who weren’t always “good”. Those people who overcame life’s challenges after finding themselves, and a relationship with God. Those people who overcame drug addictions, homeliness, loss of family, etc. I wanted them to hear this song, and embrace where they were currently in life. I have so many family members that were lost to drug addiction. They disappeared for year, leaving their children behind to be taken care of by other family members. I look at them now, and I see how grateful they are to be reunited with their children and now grandchildren. It pleases my heart to have created such an anthem that they can embrace.

INCLINE MAGAZINE: What are the impacts you desire to leave with your fan base?

SHAY: The impact I want to leave? I want people to begin to see themselves as God sees us. He sees as loved, Royalty, blemished and imperfect, but not overtaken by adversity. I want people to begin loving themselves more when they here my music. When they hear any song created by, I want them to understand that life may have knocked them down, but there was a lesson to be learned. And, because of the lesson, they grew to be stronger, better, and bold, powerful, redeemed, and more.

INCLINE MAGAZINE: Who is God to you?

SHAY: God is all knowing! I know that statement is cliché, but, the presence of God amazes me daily. God is power on earth, through is people on this earth. That same power is what causes us to create, be fruitful, and multiply. The teachings of God causes us to better people as a whole. That is who God is to me!

INCLINE MAGAZINE: Whats next for you in 2020, What can we expect to see from you?

SHAY: 2020 holds a lot of surprises. I’m thankful to finally have the “I Choose to Worship-EP Remix” completed after many years of trying to release it. That was my first goal to be accomplished. I am excited to announce that in the fall of 2020, my TV series, for my motivational segments will be coming to full fruition. Before the end of 2020, I will be releasing my book entitled “In finding me (my journey)”. That’s right, I will be a new author. Also, In July 2020, our Label, BeyonDafence  Ent. will be hosting our annual “Unplugged Concert” in the State of Georgia. Lastly, as 2020 unfolds, I will be working on my Junior EP, that will include a number of my new Contemporary songs as well.


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