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In The Actors Corner With JJ Green

J.J. Green, a Flint, Michigan native has been acting since the age of seven, and is known to be this generations Forest Whitaker.

In 2012, Green moved out to Los Angeles to fulfill his dreams of acting. Since moving to LA, he has successfully made his way into the film industry.

Green most recently served as the lead in award winning director Alton Glass VR Project P.O.V. His movie credits also includes: MTV feature film How High 2, Guest Star on BET's The Quad, Guest Star on the OWN Network's Greenleaf, The Duff, Sundance Film Festival's 2017 Grand Jury prize Winner, ‘I Don’t Feel at Home in This World Anymore’ and more.  

INCLINE MAGAZINE: How did you get into acting at the age of 7?

JJ GREEN: Church. I did a Christmas play and fell in love. Then from there came school theatre and city theatre. 

INCLINE MAGAZINE: Who do you look up to in the film industry and why?

JJ GREEN: Forest Whitaker. It’s funny because I have been told on many different sets that I remind people of him. Forest has so much poise and substance that he doesn’t need to book work off of his looks. It all about his amazing talent. I feel that I’m the exact same. I may not be the guy with the abs or a model in the face but I have something special. I may be the Forest Whitaker of this generation. Haha. 

INCLINE MAGAZINE: What advice would you give an aspiring actor thats trying to get into the industry and make a name for themselves?

JJ GREEN: To go get it. There isn’t a right or wrong way to do anything. Just be efficient and go hard. 

INCLINE MAGAZINE: What has been your best role yet?

JJ GREEN: I’m so grateful for all of the work I’ve been blessed to do but I honestly feel like I haven’t done something that’s stuck yet. It’s coming though!

INCLINE MAGAZINE: What can we expect to see from you within the remainder of 2019 going into 2020?

JJ GREEN: HEAT. Watch me heat up. I have a couple of projects that I’ve been blessed to be apart of as an actor and as a writer. A lot of people don’t even know I’m a writer as well. The opportunities have merged themselves and it’s about to be a lit 365.




COVER CAP BY: @creatorlexx

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