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How Feng Shui can help you find your Balance

Our culture worships work. We work when we’re at home answering emails and taking phone calls. We’re staying up late at night thinking about work. Some of us arrive early and others stay late. Some of us get so burned out that we just go through the motions just to keep our job. If our LIFE is filled with that kind of energy and our homes are not balanced, our lives are thrown out of whack.  

The bottom line here is that our environments are so important. They can either support us, or they can bring us down. And when you’re an entrepreneur and working for yourself with a home office, it’s even more important to have balance in your life.

Feng Shui can help you to both create and maintain that balance.

First, I want to clear up that Feng Shui is not a religion. Nor is it anything to do with bringing you luck by placing hideous trinkets around your home (whoever thought three-legged frogs and hanging red string was cute is beyond me). It’s much more. I like to call it intentional design.

In Feng Shui, we understand the idea of yin and yang energies and how to balance them within our surroundings using a number of tools. You can think of yang energy as the fast-paced life that we are all accustomed to living nowadays, and this would include our work life. You can think of yin energy as the rest and relaxation that we should be getting at home, especially while we sleep.

When there is an overabundance of yang energy, we can become burned out, irritated, frustrated, anxious, and overwhelmed. These negative feelings spill over into other areas of our life often without us even realizing it.

"A balance life isn't out of reach. And deigning your space with intention can get you there."

So, if finding balance is something you are working on accomplishing, Feng Shui can help you achieve it!

Here are 3 things you can do now to help you create more balance in your environment:

  • Declutter and organize. You don’t have to do this all in one day. Just start with a shelf, junk drawer, or wallet. Once you start to eliminate things you no longer need or that no longer serve you, you will open up space for receiving new opportunities!

  • Make sure that you are surrounded by things you love. Everything is alive with memories and attached associations. If there is anything but a positive memory or association attached to anything in your home or office, remove it.

  • Incorporate plants and flowers into your space! They have so many energy-boosting benefits including their ability to: 1. reduce stress; 2. lower blood pressure; 3. enhance problem-solving skills; and 4. (my favorite) reduce fear and anger. If you have more of a brown thumb (like me!), silk flowers are great! And you can find many awesome deals at HomeGoods and Ross!

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