Houston Area Pastors Discuss Civic Responsibility in Stay at Home order & to #MASKUP

Covid-19 cases are rising and Pastors need to speak up and tell members to stay home. Pastor Joshua T. Scott of Humble Praise Center has teamed up with Pastor Jamail Johnson of The Word Church to spread the word that Church Folks need to stay home.

Catch the exclusive below on how to deal with Covid-19 in the Christian community from the heart of Pastor Joshua T. Scott.

INCLINE MAGAZINE: What are some safe practices that the church can do during this time to stay safe?

JOSHUA T. SCOTT: During this Pandemic I believe that it is essential for the Church (Pastors/Leaders) to ensure the safety of its members. As we all know, our members love church and enjoy being in the midst of other saints. But as a Pastor we have to make the tough choices to encourage members to stay at home. As Texas Covid-19 cases continue to rise, staying home is necessary. When we are able to see that "Great Day" the reopening of the church, Pastors should mandate the use of Mask. At Humble Praise Center we have purchased Mask for all of our members and installed hand Sanitizing Stations. It is a must that the Church Stay at Home, use a Mask often, and practice Social Distancing.

INCLINE MAGAZINE: How has Covid-19 brought us closer within the Christian community?

JOSHUA T. SCOTT: I believe that the Christian Community has gotten back to the basics. The scripture says he is looking for true worshipper's, those that will worship in spirit and truth Without all the fanfare of the church, Christians have been able to find authentic Word on Social media platforms. Also because many have lost jobs and income we have been forced to rely on each other for financial, emotional and spiritual support. We are now back to the true essence of church, Love thy neighbor as you love yourself, giving us a true love for mankind regardless of Domination.

INCLINE MAGAZINE: During Covid what other civic responsibilities do you think can assist us in clearing Covid-19?

JOSHUA T. SCOTT: Wear a Mask, do not put yourself in a position to be socially irresponsible, as my Friend and Co-Heart the Minister Pastor Jamail Johnson of The Word church would say "Wearing a Mask is more a protective measure, wearing a Mask shows Civic Responsibility". As we both have been working in the Community to encourage people to wear a Mask and stay home. Volunteering is good, Serving others in the Community is good but we have to be responsible about it.

INCLINE MAGAZINE: What is the Lord saying concerning Covid-19?

JOSHUA T. SCOTT: Be still and know that I am God! As Saints we often quote the scripture but not live it. During this Pandemic, many of us have had a chance to get closer to God, and as we all know he speaks to us differently so we have to seek his face to see what he is saying to us individually. Personally, I would say he has shown me to be careful of those who only eat from the table but never bring anything to the table, and even in the midst of showing me that, he has also shown me to trust Him because he has prepared to table for me in the presence of my enemies.

INCLINE MAGAZINE: Do you think the vaccine is necessary?

JOSHUA T. SCOTT: Yes, I believe a vaccine is necessary, but not a rushed one. It is up to our Leaders and Medical Professionals to find a cure that will help us and not harm us. Let us not forget the Tuskegee Experiment where Black males were injected with Syphilis, so let us not be in a rush to get back to "Normal" we may not see "Normal" for a while. But during this time we can all Love and Appreciate those who we cherish and are around us!