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Grasping The Wisdom of Film With Tangi Miller

Every major you shoot for in college may not always be the outcome of your success story. Tangi Miller is an Actress, Producer & Director who knows all the ins and outs within the film industry. Tangi started her career life off in business and real estate while acting was just hobby for her. Tangi realized she loved to act more than anything, so she decided to make a living out of being an Actress. Upon finishing college she received a big break starring in "Felicity" as Elena Tyler.

Press Play to see Tangi Miller in Felicity

Tangi has been graced to work alongside many talented Actors, Actresses and Producers. One of them being Tyler Perry, whom we all love to watch on screen. Being on set with Tyler was always fun. Tangi stated that "It was fun to work in a space with Directors who look like you, who could do whatever he wanted to do and make it all happen. It was really wonderful and inspiring." It was so inspiring working with Tyler Perry, Tangi decided to go home and make a movie of her own.

"Prepare yourself for the things that you desire to do." -Tangi Miller

Tangi gave us all the keys to being a successful Actor and or Actress while

getting into the Film Industry.

  • Focus on the work: Its just you and the character, its not about you. Its not about your own personality, its about getting into being honest with that character.

  • If you are shy, walk into the room with the energy of the character.

  • Set the stage, create a situation for you to be comfortable.

  • Know what you are doing, understand the role.

  • Get into the work, do the homework. Get into the backstories of the character to understand that world. (This makes it comfortable to do the work and remember your lines)

Follow your heart, but it should be monitored by your mind. -Tangi Miller

Tangi Miller stands by her motto "You only get to keep what you give away,

so share everything."



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