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From Hidden to Highlighted in June

((Ahem)) I have an announcement to make......drumroll please...

OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENTS ARE BEING MADE in the month of June!! They are long awaited and divinely appointed!! According to New Oxford, an announcement is “a notice appearing in a newspaper or public place and announcing something (big) such as a birth or marriage.” It is a public notification or declaration.

This season, special announcements are being made and some will be in the most unusual way! Others will be specific, intentional, and carried out in a way that you can’t miss it. New births are being announced! New works are being announced! Partnerships are being announced! God is going out of His way to announce and publicize what He has been up to, in YOU!

Sometimes it seems like it has taken a while for the word to get out about you, your business, or your efforts, but make no mistake about it, timing truly is everything. There is no coincidence with this next announcement and the order of events and increase that follow immediately after.

REVEALED | After being hidden for a season, the best way to reveal the development, maturity, and changes that have taken place for the better, would be to make a public statement, to make an announcement! As hidden seasons begin to expire, God is going to reveal the new thing that He has carefully done in you. He is revealing new work, new gifts, new levels, and even new grace. The business can’t remain hidden when He is ready to shift you to another level and an entire new audience. The gift can’t stay hidden when He is ready to bring you before GREAT MEN. Hidden seasons are expiring, and you are being revealed.

GO PUBLIC | When private companies “go public” they are usually at the gate of expansion. It’s no different for you. The gates of expansion are opening up. They are filled with opportunity, investors, increase, and more. This season of announcement is about to open up fresh new doors, new territory in media, new publishing doors, and there will be a heavy push to boldly broadcast your efforts and your new works. Winds of assistance are about to blow to help get the word out because it’s TIME!

Certain people need to hear about you. Certain people need to know what you do. Certain groups need what you have. Certain decision makers are waiting to hear about you. Certain industries are finally ready to receive what you have been working on. Certain cities will be calling for you.

The announcement is going to serve as an access point and it will connect you to future doors that you haven’t even thought about. Don’t be afraid to flow with the push to go public. It’s not about you looking a certain way to others or their opinions. Stay focused - it’s about getting the word out. Don’t worry about anything but the main goal. The winds are only going to get stronger as the summer weeks open up, so flow with it and get used to sharing and speaking more about yourself and your projects. It’s divine alignment! Ready or not, announcements are going out with your picture, front and center. It’s your time and it’s your season.

Prepare your mind now and determine to be unapologetic about it. This is such a special moment. There is an exclamation mark following your name. Long awaited, divinely appointed announcements are being made. Embrace it and run with it. You are going from hidden to highlighted!

This column was written by: Ginika Oparaji

Still cover photo by: Jason Rosewell

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