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Film Standing Eight Dedicated to Lupus Awareness

May is Lupus Awareness Month, and actor/ filmmaker Kazy Tauginas is working tirelessly 

to spread awareness and to KNOCK OUT LUPUS!

Even though there are so many people suffering with lupus, there is no cure yet. Statistics say 90% of the people suffering with lupus are women. Most of the lupus patience are African American women. Lupus is two to three times more prevalent among women of color. Recent research indicates that lupus affects 1 in 537 young African American women. Unfortunately, the lupus community suffers of another problem: a lack of representation in Hollywood. Therefore Kazy, (who's mom has been struggling with lupus for more than 40 years), has decided to create the short film Standing Eight to educate people about lupus, and to give a voice to those suffering. 

Standing Eight is about a boxer who is forced to retire and contend with life outside of the ring after being diagnosed with systemic lupus. In creating this film, Kazy drew inspiration from his days as a Golden Gloves boxer and from his mother’s real life struggles with the disease for more than 40 years. Since its completion, Standing Eight has screened at 28 festivals around the worldand it has won 11 awards, including Best Short FilmBest Actor, Best Supporting Actor, Best Cinematography. After all the success the film has received among film festivals, Kazy has decided to use it as a tool to help raise awareness and educate.

The film, now available on Amazon and Vimeo, will soon be available as well on iTunes and Google Play.

In the past year Kazy has become a very passionate lupus advocate, teaming up with the Lupus Foundation of America . Ever since, he participated at numerous events, speaking and engaging on various platforms. 

"Walk To End Lupus Now" event, (LA, Sept. 2018),

CBS anchor Sharon Tay introduced Kazy on stage

If you'd like to learn more his work as an actor/ filmmaker and also as a lupus advocate, follow him on social media:

FB: @officialkazytauginas 

IG: @kazytauginas 

Film Social Sites

FB: @StandingEightFilm

IG: @StandingEightFilm

TWITTER: Standing_Eight

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