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Experience The New Flow of Gospel Music

Derrick Davis better known as Dark Cloud, an Urban Poet and Gospel Artist hailing from Charlotte North Carolina. The Inclining Artist has been writing powerful messages while turning them into thought provoking lyrics since he was a kid.

He grew up in the generation of hip hop where his influences were Outkast and Goodie Mobb while his favorite rapper was Ice Cube. His favorite R&B sounds come from Stevie Wonder.

The creativity of the songs "I Just Called", "Rocket Love" and "Knock Me off My Feet" by Stevie Wonder sets Dark Cloud apart within his music preference when gearing up to release his exclusive flow.

You can catch Dark Cloud "Being The Man" via the demanding streaming sites Tidal, Amazon Music and YouTube. "Being The Man" is specifically to lift men higher mentally. It challenges the perception of how you see yourself at this very moment if you are boggled down with the hassles of life within being a man.

Letting you know what you see isn't reality and that Satan is manipulating your thought process. "Being The man" reminds you that the pressures of life can easily make you forget your responsibilities. "Stay persistent until you get results. Manhood is a journey and it takes ambition to complete the mission."

Book Dark Cloud to grace the stage at your next event or to include him on your speaking panel, contact Tanisha Simpkins.


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