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Eat Well & Live Healthy With Exodus 15 Essentials

Khalilah & William Blaylock founded Exodus 15 Essentials in an effort to pay forward their knowledge from their experience as Division 1 athletes and health struggles in their adult years. Khalilah was a single mother who suffered through months of extreme pain and fatigue. Doctors continued to tell her that it was all her imagination. After many months of tests and research conducted on her own she was finally diagnosed with Fibromyalgia & sent home with more than a handful of medication. She knew this could not be the future for her as previously she was a model of fitness being a division 1 runner. Per the advice of a friend she began working with a homeopathic doctor. Clean eating, essential oils & the utilization of natural products completely turned her life around. William was also a division 1 athlete but on the football field. However, when William and Khalilah began dating he was being treated for high cholesterol & the manifestation of stress on his body. Through clean eating, the elimination of chemicals from his life, essential oils & increased activity he no longer exhibits his typical signs of stress and he is no longer on any medications.

It is our goal to provide our clients with superior customer service, 100% natural products to meet their physical healthy, mental well-being, & beauty needs at minimal cost and paying forward our knowledge regarding healthy life choices.

*Please allow us to share our journey from various over the counter & prescription medication on a daily basis for our numerous ailment to now living a healthy lifestyle with raw, organic, unrefined products and essential oils.

“All your needs are provided from the Earth.”

CONTACT EXODUS 15 ESSENTIAL TODAY! Khalilah- (832) 671-9711 OR William- (903) 571-8156

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