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Doors Wide Open In October!


We are at A NEW BEGINNING. The best part about a new beginning is the ability to close the door to the old, and to look ahead at the NEW. NEW doors. NEW openings. A NEW gate of blessing.

You just entered into a ‘Doors Wide Open’ season. That means that there isn’t a struggle to get through, but it’s actually one of ease. It may even feel too easy but it’s actually just right. These doors will be different from the struggle and wrestle you are used to enduring for this type of blessing. And doors that were once closed to you in an old season, are about to be opened to you now. 

Crazy favor is giving birth to crazy opportunities. Crazy favor is giving birth to crazy opportunities.  Doors that seem beyond your imagination are about to open up and it will be by way of favor. Favor is granting you ACCESS in this season. Some doors will be the stepping stool to other opportunities and even platforms for some. Business doors are opening up to increase income streams to cause a perpetual flow and an increase in finances. 

REWARDS | A reward is something given in recognition for one’s service, achievement, or effort. It takes maturity to understand that not all blessings take place after you have labored or extended a hand.  But there is a sure reward. Rewards are in full effect and you are being remembered. Your seeds of love, labor, actual + financial sacrifices are being recognized. And rewards are here in a MAJOR WAY. Great rewards are being passed out and rewarding doors of blessing, favor, travel, and opportunity are opening up!  These travel doors are headache free and will be clear sign of blessing. No counterfeits, this is a true reward. 

RELATIONSHIP | Relationship Doors are opening! Yes, love is definitely in the air and these kairos meetings will be so clear. The timing will also be understood without much being said. Relationships doors are opening that are mutually beneficial as well. Mentorship is being unlocked for the journey ahead. Friendships are budding. Partnership is being highlighted with purpose. The right relationships that are needed for the next stretch are being introduced and even solidified as needed. There are some who have met key people but don’t see the fruit yet.  Don’t worry, necessary alignments are taking place that will cause an adjustment to the relationship. Distractions are being removed and schedules are being adjusted. This is a time where purposed relationships must bear fruit and it’s time to grow + elevate.  No more wasted time. The hindrances regarding relationships are being swept aside and new level connections are being ignited and coming forth like never before.  Divine connections are being renewed. Expect it!

REST | There is much rest and much peace here. Some who have not been able to find rest, will finally be able to. A moment of rest is priceless to a weary soul. Rest for the mind is key as well. Don’t be afraid to step away from stressful situations in exchange for peace of mind. This is a time to refresh, regenerate, and revise for the journey and the year ahead. Capture fresh ideas from a place of intentional rest. Downloads drop in the rest. Get still and get instructions. Get the edits and rework. And build rest into your new season. It’s not a sign of weakness or laziness, but a strategy for strength and longevity. Don’t be fooled. Be intentional and consider a reset to your sleep pattern as well! There is much work ahead on the other side of these open doors! 

Some of these doors will be the gate to your new season. There are doors that have the ability to shift your ENTIRE SEASON. One door can adjustment your entire calendar.  Those who take one speaking engagement will see many on the other side. One new contract opportunity will set off a season of many! One introduction, one connection, one approval, one YES - can change everything. Some will get busier in a good way and some will need to prepare for extra help now. Don’t look at where you are but get ready for where you are going. There are true schedule changes on the other side of these doors. Be ready and make the necessary adjustments! We are entering a season of ‘Doors Wide Open.’

This column was written by Ginika Oparaji of Spotted Sweets & Treats

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