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Detroit Ministers Bless Families Globally With Thousands Weekly Via Cash App

Talk about creative philanthropy from the comfort of your own home. Pastor Gregory J. Jefferson and his Wife & First Lady Leila Jefferson of Next Level Ministries have gotten creative to bless families worldwide all while providing them hope with the word of the Lord on Facebook Live from their page Pop Up Blessing Fam.

The two are proof that times have certainly changed and there is no excuse to work your vision in this day and age.

They only request that you tune in, share the broadcast and share your story of the need that you desire to be met and input your cash app in the comment section. They often use their own money to sow into the viewers but they do allow you to donate into the Pop Up Blessing Fam Cash App ($PUBFamily) to assist the vision, although its not required to be blessed but its an awesome gesture thats appreciated.

When they give, they celebrate the recipient of the money on the live and wish them well and hope that the seed they provided makes a difference for that person. They also show proof so you know its real, the reviews on their page tell it all. They gave so much on last night that Cash App stopped them from giving through the outlet but that didn't stop the visionaries. They happily moved over to PayPal and continued to bless the viewers.

*SIDE NOTE: Well Jesus we come to you the best way we know how and let you know we need a couple of hundred thousand dollars to function as we desire lol Amen. (all jokes aside but seriously)

There have been people blessed with $100 to $500 to $1000.00 plus via Cash App to those in need. These people of God are filling a gap in the earth while letting us know that God loves us, pursue our purpose and don't stop praying.

The couple have a total of 30K likes on Facebook and are aware of the difference that they are making in the lives of others.

If you desire to donate and sow into their vision you can do so via PayPal and or Cash App $PUBFamily

You may be the next person that receives a blessing! Tune in!

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