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Demonstration + RELEASE in September

It’s time for a DEMONSTRATION! God’s demonstrative power will be at work for you! You don’t have to explain it, He is going to demonstrate, on your behalf.  A demonstration is considered “conclusive evidence.” It’s no longer what you say is possible, or who you say you are, but it’s the actual evidence at work for all to see. This is tangible proof in the lane of “I can show you better than I can tell you.” There is about to be a clear ‘expression and display’ to your benefit.

You are becoming a demonstration.

Your brand is becoming a demonstration.

Your business is becoming THE demonstration.

Your skills and expertise are being demonstrated.

Your work and passion is being demonstrated and put on a beautiful display.

Those who have been hidden and even passed over are being set up for a beautiful reveal now and in the coming weeks. The purpose of this demonstration is to uncover what needs to revealed about you. There are new things that need to be shared. There is a brand new expression that others need to know about. And it will put an end to doubt and questions that used to hover around your name. There is clarity and positivity in this next season of reveal.

The DEMONSTRATION is in the RELEASE. Certain releases are going to be clear cut demonstrations - Period. The act itself will speak volumes without you ever having to say a word. This is the type of thing that I absolutely love especially for those who waited, and waited well. It’s reward on display.

RELEASE | A release can be defined as the “state of being freed.” So yes, this will also be a time of incredible vindication via release. There are many releases being made that have been long awaited. Releases that have the ability to shift overnight situations. Releases that have the ability to cause a status shift. Releases that cause onlookers to take a double take. There are great releases and transfers that are finally being unlocked. Financial release is definitely here.

Release is not just a physical thing, but think release in every sense of the word. There’s a liberating shift taking place and it’s going to be a set release mentally and even emotionally. It’s a freedom from constriction and restriction and the unlocking of a new place of ease, flow, and enlargement. It’s a ‘waiting to exhale’ moment for some. As in, it will be the end of a “walking on eggshells” season. Now, this will finally be a time to relax in new ways. And from here, new exciting chapters and new beginnings are opening up!

Professionally, there is a release of new - new - new. There is so much new in the air that you don’t have to worry about rehearsing an old season. New things are on the horizon. New positions and opportunities for expansion and enlargement are at your door. Even new culture shifts and structural changes are taking place. There will be a trigger to decide to improve for what’s ahead. It’s a true shift into the new!

Demonstration + Release is HERE.

This column was written by Ginika Oparaji of Spotted Sweets & Treats

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