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Darius Bradley the Intern turned CEO: Gatekeeper Agency the Assistant Agency

Too often we discredit the underdog. Each individual within a company and/or organization has contributed to the success of every successful person or organization. The entertainment industry has always been one of the largest industries in the country because of the various careers a person can have. Every career within the entertainment industry is competitive and challenging every day. Having a strong and effective team is imperative to reach success.

Darius Bradley, CEO, and Founder of Gatekeepers Agency focuses on building up the most effective assistant to ensure entertainment and business professionals are successful in reaching their business goals. Darius Bradly has curated the concrete curriculum to teach each assistant how to have "No Excuses, Create Solutions" while executing tasks, creating solutions, and organizational communication skills to handle business day to day structure to stay ahead of their competitors.

Darius started as an intern for prominent companies such as HOT 97, Atlantic Records, Warner Brothers, and Universal Attractions Agency. After a couple of years, Darius became the assistant and road manager for the STARZ network hit series POWER actor Rotimi. His career of an assistant evolved into Broadway as he became the personal assistant to Saycon Sengbloh, a Broadway lead actress in the play Elipsed. As well as becoming the assistant to actor Gbenga Akinnagbe from the HBO hit series The Wire.

We had a chance to sit down and speak with Darius Bradley about his journey from intern to CEO and how his experiences made him the businessman he is today!

INCLINE: What motivated you to become a CEO after a successful career as an assistant in the thriving industry of entertainment?

Darius: Becoming a CEO didn't happen when I decided to start my company. It grew on me with time. Now I'm fully confident saying I'm the CEO of an assistant agency.

INCLINE: What makes Gatekeepers Agency competitive amongst other staffing agencies?

Darius: We're creating a lane that really hasn't been touched. Gatekeepers Agency is an assistant agency. So similar to talent agencies, our job is to provide the best and rising assistants.

INCLINE: How has being an assistant in the entertainment industry molded you and your company?

Darius: It has molded me in a way I couldn't have imagined. Being an assistant has given me my company motto No Excuses, Create Solutions, common sense, mentally stronger these are just a few things. Gatekeepers Agency is and will continue to be about the work, professionalism and strong assistants aka the Gatekeeper.


INCLINE: What were your career goals when you entered the entertainment industry?

Darius: Great question, for me it was to become an artist/road manager. Advice to my aspiring professionals set a goal work towards it but don't limit yourself to those goals. With time you grow and with growth comes different goals. Now in 2019, I'm now doing work in the staffing business.

INCLINE: Did your career goals ever shift?

Darius: This is a word many people should prepare for when you're in the music industry SHIFT. Things shift so much that you begin losing the faith because you've allowed yourself to take in that bad energy. If you're like me you will embrace the shifts that come across your path. Sometimes what you see for yourself always isn't where God will have you.

INCLINE: Was it ever your plan to become an assistant?

Darius: No, I joined Rotimi team with the hopes of one day becoming his road manager. As other people began to fall to the waist side. I found myself doing all the little jobs so well that 3 years later I became the personal assistant.

INCLINE: Why start an assistant agency?

Darius: Starting this assistant agency is something that hasn't been done, it's new, it's fresh. For my assistant career, it was all about making sure the client reached their full potential. So, with my abrupt exit from my last team. I've decided it was now time to help others reach their goals in the form of becoming an assistant.

INCLINE: Why be #2, when you can be #1?

Darius: #2 gets you in the door, #2 gets you side by side to #1 so you can experience the pressure from the side. You jump right into becoming #1 and the flaws will show very fast when dealing with professionals that know the ins and outs.

INCLINE: What is Gatekeepers Agency purpose? What is your purpose as a CEO?

Darius: The purpose of GK-Agency is to shine a light on the assistant position, bring knowledge to the assistant position and most importantly provide jobs and help the everyday small business owner experience having an assistant. For myself, it's about growth. It's so beautiful that I embrace my highs and struggles so when I reach that pentacle, I will have a better appreciation for it.

INCLINE: What does the future hold for the Gatekeepers Agency?

Darius: The future is to open up an office in Atlanta, have operations in DC, NYC, LA & MIA, seeing smiles on other people faces and most importantly growth and positivity.

To learn more about Gatekeepers Agency check out their website.

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