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D.C. Musician Talks Self-Love and Self-Care for Men In, All Things Love

Following June’s Men’s Health Month focus, Antone' "Chooky" Caldwell, DMV musician, and writer with Sounds of the City, releases a message of internal healing for men in his new album All Things Love. This critically acclaimed release is a 39 minute methodically tailored musical journey that combines thought-provoking songwriting and vocals with immensely creative production and content. It's unique in its acknowledgement of the seasons of poor decisions men can make, lack of self-love, being fearful of asking for help - an area of men's health that is rarely touch upon in discussions around men’s health. Caldwell was recently married which helped complete the final chapter of this project.

As one of the music industry’s most respected musician’s Chooky has worked with a variety of national talents and professionals including Heather Headley, Macy Gray, Sisqo of the group Dru Hill, Snoop Dogg, Mariah Carey, Bobby Brown and more.

A veteran on the musical stage, Chooky is also very skilled off the stage, and has contributed numerous compositions to the world’s music library. He co-produced the song “Full Time” for Heather Headley’s 2002 Album “This is Who I Am” and co-produced “No Thang on Me” for Snoop Doggs’ 2004 Platinum album “Rhythm & Gangsta”. Most notable, Chooky engineered and produced Jazz Saxophonist Ski Johnson’s album New Beginnings (2009), which topped at #1 on the Billboard charts in the Contemporary Jazz category for three solid weeks.

Chooky’s music has been described as riveting and captivating while at the same time signifying deep meaning.

On this album, Chooky shares with the listener his expedition through what he calls the 3 seasons of Love. The Regret, The Reality, and The Redemption. From songs like “Glad You’re Gone” (a heartfelt break-up ballad) to “Get Up” (a self-reflective West coast style anthem) or even “My Way” (a wedding styled Love song totally produced by Chooky). The title song for the album “All Things Love” captures the listener and those who love to dance with a hypnotic 4- to the floor rhythm and lyrics that inspire people to shake off any negativity throughout life’s process and to look at it as necessary for the best outcome.

Join Chooky and friends at City Winery on July 3, 2019 for a night of love and soul. Tickets: All Things Love Album Release








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