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Create An Abundance of Wealth & Royalty With Constance Carter

Saying that Constance Carter is blessed is an understatement. She is a Wife, Mother of 4, CEO of one of the fastest growing real-estate brokerages in Northern California, Best-Selling Author, Wealth Advocate… and she is on a mission. A mission to help others create the life of their dreams You see, this wasn’t always the case for Constance. If you’ve read her story on Black Enterprise or Huffington Post, you’d know that she's been where millions of Americans are currently. Laid-off, broke, and chasing a dream while trying to take care of her family and trying not to repeat the mistakes that she learned growing up. Wanting better but not knowing how to do better, other than sheer determination. So after years of hard work and a number of failures including a bankruptcy, foreclosure, and short sales. Constance has come to the place where she has always wanted to be. Not because she grosses over a million dollars a year from her real-estate business and investments, but because she gets to share the Roadmap to how she got there so that she can help others just like you. Just like her. Wealth is a holistic experience and Constance is so blessed that she has been able to help thousands who thought it was an impossibility through key strategies including Goal Setting, Pushing Past your F.E.A.R.S, Real Estate Investing, Money Management, and Credit Education, Location is no longer a limitation, as she is able to help people all over the country through her training programs. Constance invites you to join her in taking the road less traveled to get you to the place you always wanted to be!


Constance Carter, shares the secrets to life with her new book titled The Secret to Breaking the BROKE Code: 5 Steps to Growth, Abundance and Overflow. This book is aimed to help people realize their full God-given potential so they don’t only change their lives, but positively affect the lives of others. Recognizing that most people aren’t living up to their

potential, Constance lays out the blueprint of what it takes to manifest your dreams. This book is for anyone who has the courage to break generational curses and create a legacy of wealth and royalty. For those who want to reflect on their life knowing they made a difference in someone else’s, and those individuals who have ever felt inadequate but believe life can be better. Constance shares the secrets to breaking through your fears, purpose and mindset to help reach your dreams.

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