Conscious Crowdfunding Platform For Black Entrepreneurs

Coming into the new decade, FundBlackFounders looks to change the narrative of Black History Month as we know it to be. FundBlackFounders is a socially conscious crowdfunding platform for black entrepreneurs and a champion for black businesses and generational wealth. FBF was created on the bases to build a foundation for economic and financial freedom growth within the black community.

Each Black History Month of the past, have been filled with historical reflection, inspirational quotes and educational facts. And with the start of a new year and new decade, the FundBlackFounders’ founders thought that a change would not only continue the celebration of the black accomplishments but also push the black economy forward. With the black discretionary income worth $36 billion, FBF is seeking to align black businesses and the black spending power, for a future we all want becomes possible.

“We’re launching a cohort of black entrepreneurs’ crowdfunding campaigns in celebration of Black History Month. Unlike our white counterparts, most black entrepreneurs don’t have access to funding their campaigns. In which they would have to rely on their social influence,” says the FundBlackFounders founders.

With the start of a new decade, we must collectively empower black entrepreneurs and socially conscious consumers that believe in black businesses. Raise funding or spend consciously, Black generational wealth matters!

About FundBlackFounders

FundBlackFounders is a socially conscious crowdfunding platform for black entrepreneurs. The FundBlackFounders’ founders grew frustrated with the lack of funding resources afforded to black founders and decided that they would create a space dedicated to business-minded people. FundBlackFounders believes cultural and business relevance, coaching, support, and resources, are the foundation for black businesses and generational wealth.

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