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Black Economic conversations with Tara Seals, The Bossy Educator

The black economy is a tough subject in our community; it’s a conversation that remains the topic of discussion because more and more black entrepreneurs are on arise to becoming business owners and entrepreneurs. How can we keep our businesses thriving and prepared for the future? One solution to the challenges of black owned businesses is gravitating towards experts that build up the black economy.

The Bossy Educator Body Décor Boutique Our conversation with 20-year veteran of education and successful business owner for over seven years equips Tara Seals, MBA, and MAED as to curating the lane of coaching entrepreneurs through the roller coaster of entrepreneurship. Her most recent features in Sheen Magazine and Voyage ATL magazine; along with being voted Business Women of the Year in 2017 by Women On Fire, has enabled Tara to excel in providing influential knowledge on growing and maintaining a successful business.. Born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee, her road to entrepreneurship began while attending The University of Memphis. What makes her so “Bossy”? For starters she has taken the success of her online boutique and her “Bossy Is, As Bossy Does” five e-book bundle series which equips her clients by coaching and consulting entrepreneurs to monetize and LEVEL UP their businesses and brands.

Her first self-published book entitled, "Bossy Is, As Bossy Does: The 5 keys That Open Doors" sold more than 20,000 copies. As well as e-book series, The Bossy Educator provides workshops, group and one-on-one classes, and content to cater to every client. “How to Generate 5k in 30 days” is the newest addition to this series that “gets you right to the money whether you are selling a product or a service!” –Tara Seals

Her coaching class entitled, “Money Showers: How to Keep the Cash Flowing” breakdowns subjects that relate to various stages of the entrepreneurs’ journey as they are building and maintaining their brand and businesses.

The topics are as follows:

  • How to gain, maintain, and increase CA$H FLOW

  • How to drive more traffic to your website

  • How to market and brand your product/service

  • How social media and customer service impacts your business

  • How to enhance your revenue streams

  • How to make your brand global

  • How to gain repeat customers & referrals

  • How to increase brand exposure online & offline

Every aspect of The Bossy Educator curriculum is to empower the black economy. Her purpose for educating on the subject of entrepreneurship correlates with her theology of black economics; that means no black business left behind in our community. As a community we should rise to the occasion with supporting black own businesses, never overlooking them, shop with them, refer them, promote, and market black! When it’s all said and done once this concept is grasp, practice, and continued to be practice for generations to come the economy of the black community will rise as a stronger competitor.

Schedule your consultation today with The Bossy Educator as well as enrolling in her courses!

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