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Being behind bars can't hold you back unless you let it

When I first met Christopher Williams he saw something in me and gave me my first sky rise office in Downtown Los Angeles. When I went into Chris’s Office I immediately saw all of his companies marketing materials on the desk and was instantly inspired to succeed. Chris was very passionate about helping people succeed in life and in business and I was grateful to be around such a motivating spirit like his. I took a ride with Chris to visit his team who was handing out free phones in the local area and saw how the family and their kids embraced Chris when he showed up. His company was like a family affair and that’s when I knew he really practiced what he preached. When I look at Chris I don’t see his past records or past mistakes but I see the future and what great change he would be making for families all over the world.

Incline Magazine: How do you help your Los Angeles community? What opportunities do you provide?

Chris: I own Mistro ENTERPRISE and CEO EXECUTIVES. CEO= Creating Employment Opportunities. We pride ourselves on giving jobs to the urban communities and avenues for people to provide for themselves and their families. Not only do we serve in Los Angeles but all around the United States is our goal. We also provide Lifeline phone services to the low income communities as well.

Incline Magazine: How did Nipsey Hussle and his brother Black Sam influence you in the community and in business? How are you and Nipsey connected?

Chris: Nipsey was a great inspiration, We grew up in the same neighborhood in South Los Angeles, I would see him around at the barber shop selling his CDs and back in 2008 he gave me a CD to bump in my car. He told me he would make it big, so ironically now he owns that very Barbershop and the whole strip mall. When we was growing nobody thought that was even possible especially for the same young men that grew up in the hood. It’s amazing to see the strides he made and as we both come from humble beginnings, gang environment and police brutality. And to see how far him and his brother Sam came is such an accomplishment for our community.

Incline Magazine: What is our current legal situation and how are you still able to give opportunities to people while in prison?

Chris: My current situation is a sad one. Somebody called an anonymous tip line and blamed me for a crime I did not commit, but due to my past criminal record I was looked upon as guilty, even after I employed over 60 people, and HELPED hundreds of people that showed support. I wrote hundreds of letters to the courts, but they still didn’t care. That’s when I realized that the system was designed for us to fail, but I refuse to be stopped.

Incline Magazine: How do you continue to give back while in prison?

Chris: My business partner Pastor Teka Smith is my power of attorney and has continued to provide jobs and mentorship programs for inner city youth with the help of my company Team MISTRO. We will prosper and watch our communities prosper and spread love and continue the legacy of Nipsey and our fallen civil rights activist who have paved the way for me and others of color to be successful. Prison is just a box, but your mind continues to work. With that you can still make a change and continue to be positive. My older mentors who always stayed positive and by my side I love you guys...Terry Blue Richards, Dwayne Baudy, Fish Davis, Yusuff Poppa. My beautiful mother and aunties, uncles and Monique who told me I don't need the streets anymore they need me. The next day I went legit and never looked back. I just want people to remember that I wanted the best for all humanity. Jimmy Butler, Percy Williams, Gary Mitchell and Darryle Alvarez and Lynn Williams, Pastor John and most of all the man upstairs.

If you’d like to connect with Christopher Williams please directly contact him here

Written by Antoinette Ortega

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