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Bamboo Silica - A New Approach to Healthy Hair Growth!

Beautifully Bamboo was born out of a desire to harness the incredible benefits of the strongest, fastest growing plant in the world. Did you know that bamboo has the highest concentration of plant based silica on the planet? What does that mean for you? With Beautifully Bamboo, you get to experience the wonderful beauty benefits of silica rich bamboo.


  • Nourishment to the hair, skin and nails

  • Reduction of hair shedding

  • Improved skin tone/texture

  • Immune system enhancement

  • Cardiovascular support

  • Bone strengthening and support

  • Improved digestion


"I have only had this product for short period of time but I wanted to post a review because I was skeptical on the taste and I can honestly say it taste amazing! I am a tea drinker and I did add sweetener but it taste ok without any added sweetner, I gave a bottle of the Bamboo pills and a pack of bamboo tea to my daughter and will post a review after we use this product for a longer period of time, I will recommend this to anyone who would like to add tea to their natural hair care regimen!" - La la Goodwin

"This product was recommended to me by a co-worker, who loved it and gave it rave reviews. I ordered one bottle to start to see how it worked for me and I am very happy with the results so far and just placed my 2nd order for more bottles." -Amazon Customer


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