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August ac·cel·er·a·tion

Can you bring forth; give birth; produce in a day? Can a big idea or project be mapped out all at once?

Yes, you can and yes you will. This is a time, where time, is strategically on your side. There is a CRAZY WIND OF acceleration that’s blowing your way that can’t be denied. It’s just the beginning, and it’s shifting your season. It’s going to sweep you right into position, and it’s going to catch you up in time. The power of acceleration is here!

Accelerate. It means - To move faster! To gain speed! To progress from grade to grade more rapidly than usual. By definition, acceleration is simply a CHANGE in velocity. This means there is a noticeable shift in your speed. The rate of your movement is about to change! And true to the definition, some will go from a place of rest, to motion, to ACCELERATION! As soon as you are stirred on something, move on it! There is a great push of acceleration on your side.

Things that seemed like they fell by the wayside are coming back to your remembrance and you will have the tenacity and vigor to complete them! In this acceleration, is a focus that is going to help you tune out the noise, so that you can produce! This means increased production without interruption is going to become ‘a thing.’ It won’t be as hard to not answer a call, or tune out unnecessary distractions that try to come. This lane of acceleration has been long awaited and it’s going to get your attention.

DELAY DESTROYED | Many people have encountered, not weeks, but long frustrating seasons of delay. Some things were preventable, while others seemed like they were completely out of your control! And from there, frustration grew. “If it wasn’t for this, I’d be further along. If I could have prevented that, I’d be here by now for sure.” Delay causes disappointment and breeds even more discouragement. But things are shifting NOW. You won’t have time to think about what didn’t happen. As we shift into a time of fiery acceleration, you will be too busy checking things off of your list and focusing on how to implement, and who you need to help push out the next level of your assignment out!

The opposite of delay, is to hasten, or accelerate, a matter. It is to hasten the progress or development. It is to cause to happen more quickly. Progress is going to be your focus and you will see things developing at a rapid pace. Don’t look for “usual timing” or what they predict to be your case. EXPECT things to happen at a much faster rate. Expect clients to come rapidly. Expect business to increase. Expect connections to be fruitful quickly. Expect ideas to be jotted down and planned out in a moment. Expect interruptions to the usual amount of time predicted. Acceleration is breaking the cycle of delay and destroying the memory of everything that came with it. It’s a new day and you are in a new lane of accelerated movements!! Expect the shift!

NEW WORK, NEW ANGELS | There are also new works that are going to come in this time period for some and they will be in a league of their own. IT WILL NOT TAKE A LONG PERIOD OF TIME TO GET THEM UP AND RUNNING. Do not plan for that. Have an open mind and ride the wave of ease and acceleration. There is a release of heavy angelic assistance for assignments in this hour and it’s going to cause mind blowing manifestations. This is truly going to feel like reward because it won’t make sense to your timing. Even things that you tried to do before will outdo the previous effort. There is a quickening that is taking place and with angels on assignment, you will keep the pace and momentum that is needed. Sloth and laziness is being trampled in this hour because everything is shifting, and this new momentum is causing a new pace of activity that will stick. It will be your new normal and you will hardly recognize what you used to do, and how you used to get things done. New habits are forming, and new patterns are being established. Embrace this change because it is truly like answered prayer. Businesses, organizations, and establishments will experience a change as well as new systems are implemented to smooth out processes, automate, quicken timing, and to bring ease and overall advancement. It’s time to catch up and it’s time to advance! There will be angels on assignment in the acceleration.

NATIONS | A nation is simply a group; a community or people; a tribe. Someone is about to bring forth and they will birth a nation! Get ready to walk in THAT manner of acceleration and flow. The blocks of fear and hesitation are broken! Move on your idea. No one can do it but you and it will work this time!

Some will get an idea and implement it in the same day! That kind of fire of ACCELERATION!!

Things are also pushing through systems and processes at a faster rate. There is acceleration on paperwork, applications, and response times. Look out for it.

During this favorable season of acceleration, expect a different result. Expect movement. Expect progress. Expect things to be completed at an earlier time. And welcome the much needed shift of acceleration that is going to catch you up in time! And with this, look ahead and expect your year to end, with a strong favorable finish!!!

Based on Isaiah‬ ‭66:8‬ ‭KJV‬‬

This column was written by Ginika Oparaji of Spotted Sweets & Treats

Car Photo by George Brynzan

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