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An Inside Look With B’Tru2Self

Birthing B’Tru2Self has been a multilayered process. We say ‘birthing’ because our brand is truly our baby; we cradle it, we take care of it, and we make decisions with its best interest, at heart. On one hand, exploring our creativity has been so much fun. Experimenting with different designs, fabrics, and colors can keep us very busy. On the other hand, starting from scratch meant that we had to learn some things the hard way. Navigating different suppliers can feel really frustrating, especially when you’re in the trial stage, and haven’t reached the point of generating sales. As business owners, of course, we aim to limit financial loss. However, we have learned that the possibility of losing money is just one of the many risks that you must be willing to take. There is no way around it if you’re committed to putting out the very best product you can. Putting out the best product means that when you feel you’ve created something ‘good’, you have to begin the hunt to create something ‘great’. When a customer says they really ‘LIKE’ what they see, you now have to figure out how to make them ‘LOVE’ it. 

What sets B’Tru2Self apart from other brands, in our humble opinion, is that we have simply produced what we practice. We design apparel that we believe people will gravitate towards because it will resonate with their reality. Our t-shirts, hoodies, joggers, and hats are a reflection of a mindset, not just a fashion sense. If you’re someone who believes in being true to yourself, it’s easy to fall in love with our brand. We’re really proud of the way we’ve been able to connect with our customers, just by exhibiting our own commitment to truth. We truly feel like that energy is felt, and we won’t ever compromise, in that regard; nor would we expect anyone else to.

As women, we believe in our right to exist in any shape, color, career, class, or identity. It is our belief that the truest success is felt, within, by those who are brave enough to stand firm in who they are, regardless of reception or perception. Internal success is what will attract external accolades, this is what we believe. The more authentic we are, the more plentiful our opportunities will be. Our advice to ourselves when birthing the Brand was to B’Tru2Self. We can’t say it enough because, again, we produce what we practice. B’Tru2Self is a lifestyle brand. We live it and we encourage it! Be true to who you are, at your core level, and we believe that’s what will cultivate your most fruitful pursuits.


IG: btru2self_


photos shot by: K.Leclair

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