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7 Day Method To Reconfigure Your Mindset To Get Over Humps & Slumps

You’ve tried moving to a new place, getting a new job, buying new clothes, and a fresh new hairstyle, but none of those things have done it. Although you may have thought new things would assist in changing the situation, the truth is, they are only surface changes that stay long enough to distract you from the root cause. A deep uprooting and fresh seeding is needed to experience a true, authentic’s a shift.

Understand, it takes more than an overnight development; there is a step by step, day by day, intentional effort you must make to see the result(s) you desire to see.

There is nothing more inspiring than a personal account—someone else’s story of victory—not only that they actually made it through, but how they made it through! This guide will lead you to that place of victory, that place of confidence, that place of freedom.

Laugh, cry and ponder, but don’t you dare think you’re in it alone. It only takes 7 Days (consistent and continual) to shift - personally, professionally, and spiritually.

This is your challenge; will you accept? Grab your copy of 7 Days to Simply Shift!

ABOUT KASHONNA HOLLAND Born in California, raised in Texas, and currently residing in Baltimore,  Kashonna Holland is an engaging keynote speaker, inspiring coach, motivational author, and an insightful corporate trainer. Kashonna is the President & CEO of Simply Kashonna, a business built to promote BOLD, FEARLESS and COURAGEOUS living. She goes beyond surface issues to address the pink elephants that inhibit personal, professional and spiritual potential. In the corporate arena, strategic growth and development of people have always been the focal point of her service. Kashonna spent years in a pastoral role where crisis intervention and spiritual guidance were her primary responsibilities. In understanding that leadership training and development is essential to any corporation or organization’s growth, Kashonna launched SK Leading Forward, which is dedicated to enhancing employee engagement, performance, productivity and morale. 

Through corporate relationships and interactive group/focus sessions, she has facilitated workshops in Customer Service, How to Handle Difficult People, Navigating Conflict, Emotional Intelligence, Developing Yourself and Others, Behavioral-Based Interviewing, and Diversity and Inclusion. In addition, she has facilitated and provided training for both the DISC and Myers Briggs personality assessments. Kashonna’s area of expertise is transformational leadership development and personal empowerment. 


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