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3 Millennial Men Help Over 100 Single Mother's Get Luxury Cars

3 young Millennials who built a 1 million dollar automotive company in just one year. PTG365, which was founded by Brandon Medford, Dave Obaseki, and Eric Whitehead is an automotive dealership that specializes in luxury car rentals as well as helping low income families get their dream cars.

They are truly dedicated specifically to helping women and in the last year have helped over 100 single mothers get nice and affordable cars for their children. The men of PTG have several celebrity clients but believe that giving back to the community, specifically women in need gives the company purpose. In addition to helping women get cars, they also help them build credit so that it's much easier for these women to provide for their kids.

What separates them from other dealerships is their connections with manufactures and banks as well as their ability to get all their clients approved within 24 hours. The company also specializes in leasing, financing, credit repair, accidents and insurance. With all of their services and connections, they've managed to build a company net worth of $1.2 million dollars their first year in business.

Their headquarters is based in New York but within a year they've expanded to Los Angeles, Florida and Atlanta. All of the founders have an extensive background working for car dealerships and came together in 2017 to launch the brand. They also all come from households with both parents but couldn't imagine the sacrifices and challenges that single mothers face everyday.

Regardless of the clients credit score, social status or income, PTG365 has the skills, work ethic and dedication to fulfill anyone’s automotive needs. Their most notable clients include Rich The Kid, Isaiah Whitehead (Brooklyn Nets), DJ Spinking & Seankil Patrick Jr. (Chicago Bulls).

INCLINE: What inspired you guys to be entrepreneurs? 

PTG365: The success of our mentors in the automotive industry, as well as the success we attained under these mentors inspired us. We figured if we teamed up together and utilized our diverse skills, we would be able to help people worldwide. 

INCLINE: As you guys are blessing single mothers to ride in luxury cars what do you receive out of it and why did you choose single mothers? 

PTG365: We didn’t choose single mothers, single mothers chose us. We noticed we had a higher clientele of women than men. Most were single mothers and independent women. Our clients saw how great our relationships are with banks and how high our percentage was with approvals. We don’t receive anything from it, its just another deal on the board. The joy we see on women faces, who didn’t feel they could be helped, is enough. 

INCLINE: Whats needed in order to do business with you guys?

PTG365: Our process is simple and easy. We require valid identification and proof of employment. Anything your heart desires and your finances can afford we make it happen, just trust the process. 

INCLINE: How do you help these women build their credit, what functions do you have in place for them?

PTG365: We offer many programs tailored to each and every individual. There are equity based programs, first time buyers programs and employment programs all guaranteed to help clients build their credit. 

INCLINE: What advice would you give to those aspiring to be in business for themselves & turning their goals into profits?

PTG365: Anything worth having doesn’t come easy, and anything that comes easy isn’t worth having. If it was easy and it made sense, everyone would be doing it. With that being said, Don’t let anyone tell you no. Stay focused. Believe in yourself. People don’t have to believe in you to succeed. Work hard and when you succeed, they will believe. 

INCLINE: I know you also cater to celebs as well, has anyone of them invested in your business as of yet or gave a donation towards your business?

PTG365: Isaiah Whitehead is an athlete in the National Basketball Association (NBA). Isaiah is a relative to one of the owners, Eric Whitehead. He has been a part of the team since day 1. He annually participates in many of our charity events and plays a major role in our marketing division at PTG365.

INCLINE: What does PTG365 mean?

PTG365: PTG365 stands for Prices Too Good everyday, except for the leap year.

INCLINE: What can we expect to see from you within the remainder of 2019?

PTG365: There are a lot of things in store for 2019 and upcoming 2020. Expect many more deals and new locations in new cities beginning with New Jersey, the sister state to New York.

INCLINE: What is the ultimate goal for PTG365?

PTG365: Our ultimate goal is growth and expansion, the real estate market is next.



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